The hotkey list can be viewed in-game by pressing ? (Shift+/); the first option in the help menu is the key list.

Character ControlEdit

The default controls are set up so that the game can be played with one hand with access to z, x, c, and Shift, and the other with access to the numpad. Most laptop users will need to become acquainted with their function (fn) key to activate their numpad. (Shift+Fn is often the key combination for Function Lock, so that you don't need to continue holding Fn; some other laptops use number lock instead. Your mileage may vary.)

The numpad is the most efficient means of character control, with the numbers corresponding the character movement (4 moves you left, 8 moves you up, 7 moves you up and to the left, etc). Basic movement is also possible with the arrow keys. It is possible to move diagonally using only the arrow keys by simultaneously pressing two of the arrow keys (e.g., simultaneously pressing the up arrow key and the left arrow key will move diagonally up and to the left, the same as pressing 8).

0 (the Insert key of the numpad) is used for picking up items lying on the ground. Pressing Space uses the (usually) most relevant action (such as going down stairs, refilling wells, and searching, among others).

Menu items can be selected with the corresponding key (listed next to item names), with the arrow keys, or with the numpad. Pg Up and Pg Dn (9 and 3 on the numpad) are used to switch between pages (cycle through inventory pages or cycle through character sheet pages). The left and right arrow keys (or 4 and 6) are also used for switching between different panes of the basic character sheet, which is accessed with c.

z accesses the action 'wheel', which lets you access almost every notable function in the game (although most also have a hotkey). Highlight parts of the 'wheel' with the same keys you'd use to move.

Note that pressing Shift will cause menus/lists to close, so don't try to enter capital letters when selecting from a menu/list, and when told to use * press the key above the numpad rather than Shift+8.

Key ListEdit

Capitalization is, naturally, important here.

Item Keys
Function Key Information/Uses
Get g pick up
Drop d inventory drop menu
Examine X inventory examine menu; lets you view an item's attributes; can use * to toggle whether an item is droppable
Wear/Wield w character equip menu
Eat e inventory eat menu
Quaff q inventory drink menu; used for drinking out of fountains and wells
Read r inventory read menu; used for spellbooks, scrolls, deeds and treasure maps
Zap Z inventory zap menu; used for wands/rods
Tool t inventory use menu; used to interact with certain objects
Dip B inventory dip/mix menu; used to mix together potions with objects, or put bait on a fishing pole
Throw T inventory throw menu; used to throw potions, salt, snow, and kitty banks
Ammo A changes type of ammo
Action Keys
Function Key Information/Uses
Search s most common spacebar action in the open; used to find hidden objects (such as medals) and unseen traps, and also used to gather materials from sampling spots
Cast v spell menu; allows currently known spells to be cast
Interact i used to interact with NPCs (including you and your allies) in various ways
Go Down > same as Space on down stairs
Go Up < same as Space on up stairs
Wait 5 do nothing for a turn
Rest R do nothing for 50 turns (useful for restoring stamina)
Target * target an enemy/NPC/tile (move crosshairs the same way you move your character)
Look l target an enemy/NPC (targets will be labeled by letter, press that letter to target a character)
Fire f attack with a ranged weapon (firearms, bows, grenades, and the like)
Apply/Action a use a special action
Bash b bash fruit trees to get fruits; destroy closed doors; wakes up/angers NPCs
Dig D attempt to mine through walls, or dig up treasure located with a treasure map
Open o open a container; if locked, you will try to pick the lock first
Information Keys
Function Key Information/Uses
Character c opens the character profile sheet, which shows attributes, skills, and resistances
Journal j opens the journal, which shows information about quests, salary and taxes.
Help ? opens the help menu which includes basic key listing
Log / opens the log, useful for seeing what has recently transpired
Material m opens list of carried materials, which are used by professions and minigames
Feat F opens the feats and traits page of the character sheet
Other Keys
Function Key Information/Uses
Save S saves the game
Pray p pray to whatever god you worship; if at an altar, gives you an option to start worshiping that altar's god
Offer O offer an object to your god; requires an altar
Close C close a door
Give G give an object to an NPC; same as pressing c on the interact menu
Export Menu F8 Lets you export the current room, which can be looked at via the Show House before being uploaded so others can visit it with Moon gates.
Hide Interface F9 interface returns after a key is pressed
Export Character Sheet F11  
Console F12 opens the console; primarily useful for entering/using Wizard mode

Console CommandsEdit

The console is opened with F12 and provides minimal functionality and usefulness to the player.

Commands are entered by typing them in the prompt and pressing enter. Note that the console doesn't auto scroll and all information is placed at the bottom of the page.

Console Commands
Function Key Information/Uses
Show Character Information 1 lists which characters have been spawned
Show PC Equipment 2 lists the PC's current equipped items and their values
Show PC Inventory 3 lists the items in the PC's possession
Begin/End var-comparison 4  
Show GData 5  
Delete Current Log delete  
List all quests quest  
List all clients client lists potential quest givers/receivers
List all locations test show locations and their respective Location IDs.
Leave current show-room exitroom  
Make NPCs hostile 108fix bugfixing command; makes all NPCs hostile
Remove all adventurers advreset bugfixing command
Enable Freemove freemove bugfixing command
Wizard Mode wizard see below

Wizard ModeEdit

Wizard mode is a cheat mode and your character is ineligible for gene transference if it is activated (you cannot continue playing with an heir). If you just want to try something out, you can enter wizard mode, try it out, then press Alt+F4 to quit the game without saving; starting up the game again will start you out at the last point you saved, minus wizard mode.

Wizard Mode Commands
Function Key/Command Information/Uses
Gain All Spells gain_spell grants every spell to the player (casting them is another matter)
Gain All Special Actions gain_spact grants every special action to the player
Gain One Billion Exp gain_exp player is granted 1,000,000,000 exp (enough to take a level 1 character to around level 85)
Gain Fame gain_fame player is given some fame
Display All Items In/On Map allinv  
Save F1 Saves your game.
Reload F2 Reloads your game.
Wish F5 Opens the wishing dialogue box.
Advance Clock One Hour F6 Advances the day/night clock by one hour.


Function Key/Command Information/Uses
Apply/Action, Wide W Use a wide Special Action
Journal j If Options > Game Settings > Record is set to "Show" or "Show Max", the journal will also show miscellaneous statistics about the game and the PC, in addition to the vanilla journal function of showing information about quests, salary and taxes.

Omake overhaulEdit

While holding Shift to move, the player will displace NPCs (exception for unique NPCs, like guild bouncers).

Function Key/Command Information/Uses
Greater Spell V Cast a Greater Spell
Titles y View and toggle Titles
Show Factions showfaction console command to show Factions information