Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: Not Bad 5-9 Icon-constitutionCon: Slight 1-3 Icon-dexterityDex: Normal 3-7
Icon-perceptionPer: Normal 3-6 Icon-learningLea: None 0 Icon-willWil: None 0
Icon-magicMag: Little 2-4 Icon-charismaCha: None 0
Starting Skills

Long Sword
Two Hand
Light Armor
Greater Evasion

The Claymore. Half-human, with silver eyes and inhuman evasive capabilities, the Claymores are a mostly female class, as the males have problems. Their weapon of choice is the Claymore, hence their name, and they prefer light armor, relying on their great speed and skills of evasion to protect them. They heal fast, but the healing comes at a price. Their bodies are unstable, their motto unknown.

Claymores rely on their ability to evade more than they rely on armor, so a high DV and a low weight is more important than a high PV. Never use a shield, just use a big sword, hence the class name; also, anything glass or spirit cloth will be helpful for the speed boost. Consider equipping speed rings as well. Look for light armor, it's surprising how much protection it provides; feather/fairy/magic hats, light/decorative gloves, light mail or good robes, and shoes or light boots are your best bet. Make sure you never get above light equipment weight; your evasion will drop significantly. This can be hard using a claymore; they often push you above the light armor mark if they are made of any decent weight material. Use a throwing weapon or abandon ranged weapons if needed. As long as you have decent strength and good perception/dexterity for evasion, you'll be a force to be reckoned with - just take care to cover your elemental resistances as soon as you can, as magic can not be evaded.

For gods, Lulwy of Wind and Opatos of Earth are highly recommended. For races, almost every race can make a good Claymore, with the exception of Fairies (cannot equip heavy weapons, thus losing the benefit of the Two Hand skill), Golems (Speed, DEX and PER too low to work with this class), Liches (STR and Life too low to work with this class), and Snails (which have a hard time being useful at any class anyways).

An excellent option for an early to mid game primary weapon is an adamantium katana. It will be just heavy enough to qualify as a heavy weapon and use the two hand skill (no other katana material will), adds 20% piercing, and at 4.2 weight will leave plenty of room for other equipment. For precious weapons, the Diablo and Hiryu-To are good options, but you'll need to use a cursed flying scroll on them to make them heavy enough for Two Hand, while the Claymore and Mournblade may take longer to get but are already heavy enough for use while also light enough not to be burdening on the Light Armor skill.

Starting Equipment Edit

  • bronze claymore (3d4+1) 8.0s (sometimes has fire enchantment)
    • Cloth claymore (3d5-1) 0.8s
  • light cloak
  • a pair of boots
    • a pair of raw heavy boots [0,-1] 0.9s
    • a pair of bronze heavy boots [0,1] 1.9s
  • girdle
    • a cloth girdle [1,0] 0.1s
    • a bronze girdle [0,1] 1.9s
  • a metal stone (1d12) 2.0s
  • 2 bottles of crim ale 0.1s
  • 3 potions of cure minor wound 0.3s
  • 4 rations 1.6s
  • 8 cargoes of traveler's food 16.0s

Class Feat Edit

Elona+ introduced exclusive Feats for each class. The Claymore got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Piercing Sword] Occasionally invokes a full piercing attack Can trigger even if the player does not already have a chance of a pierce attack from an item. (5%)

Trivia Edit

  • This class is roughly based on the manga/anime Claymore. The mention of males having problems is a reference to this - in Elona, there is no known disadvantage to playing a male Claymore rather than a female one.

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