Class adjusts a character's attributes, skills and potential in combination with their race. Class also determines what weapons and armors a character will be equipped with. Elona+ also gives each class a unique feat.


Class Str Con Dex Per Ler Wil Mag Cha
Warrior5-105-101-2 - -2-3 - -
Thief2-42-44-83-52-4 - - -
Wizard - - -2-41-34-85-10 -
Farmer3-53-51-2 -4-83-5 - -
Predator*4-85-114-8 - - - - -
Archer3-62-44-83-51-2 - - -
Warmage3-63-61-2 - -2-44-7 -
Tourist - - - - - - - -
Pianist3-6 -2-43-53-6 -2-44-8
Gunner* -1-22-54-82-52-42-3 -
Priest1-21-2 -1-21-25-104-71-2
Claymore5-91-33-73-6 - -2-4 -

NPC classes Edit

There are also NPC classes that are unavailable to the player. These are available to play in Elona+.

It's possible for enemies to have no class. At low levels, these are just enemies for a new player to massacre because they're so weak. However, they often have special actions capable of inflicting debilitating status effects, or else have inherently high stats that make them difficult to deal with.

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