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Older versions Edit

Versions Date range
1.60 - 7/18/2016 -
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit of Act III main quest content.
  • When the informer NPC has been informed of your birthday and that day is today, a birthday event will occur when changing maps. (It will only occur once a year.) It's nothing much, so please don't be too eager to see it.
  • Added a tutorial facility and 6 new NPCs a short distance south of Vernis. This is to guide players through the early game where it is easy to mess up. It will appear after a diastrophism if you're using a save from a previous version. This is oriented towards totally new players. If beginners find themselves getting stuck in the game even after following the hints given, then I might want to add more tutorial content or change game balance.
  • Changed the chicken NPC's sprite because it's the year of the rooster. Also made a different sprite for female chickens.
  • Placed a new unique NPC at the South Tyris north border.
  • Added 2 new spirit NPCs and evolution patterns.
  • 2 new red books. Placed one of them permanently on a map.
  • Livestock can now be milked by using Squeeze special action on them.
    • Milk obtained this way will have an +enhance value on them that depends on how much they were brushed and the player's Dexterity.
    • Milk sells for the same amount for all monsters, so with some Rubbing you could have a dairy farm even on a ranch with low level monsters.
  • To make PV less important and accuracy less unimportant, DV now has 1.75 times the effect on evasion compared to previous versions.
  • Nerfed Violent Garden - its bind has been reduced to 1 turn.
  • Some random Nefia will now be generated with their danger level dependent on the lowest floor cleared plus the level modifier of the respective areas.
  • Slicing animation for bladed weapons now play rotated to a random angle.
  • Gauge attacks will no longer proc while Continuous attacks special action is in use. Also made the latter's animation faster, and if the attack is a blunt force the animation will be played at random coordinates. Increased the damage multiplier from 17/15 to 17/6. However, there is now a 70% chance that no experience will be gained when attacking.
  • Accuracy is now halved when attacking with Shadow Step special action. Shadow Step will now become a regular attack when used by NPCs on a target adjacent to them.
  • Users of Distant Attack will no longer get hit by things like cut damage counter when using that attack from a distance.
  • Doubled the effectiveness of "increases your chance/decreases enemy chance to deliver critical hits" equipment attributes and Eye of Mind skill. Halved the critical chance penalty of heavy weapons.
  • Desert regions no longer confuse the player, and will instead cause mild Dim and deal low amounts of damage.
  • Pets can now be made to stay on a certain floor at your home. They will no longer attempt to follow you to other floors, and their default position will be fixed at the coordinate designated. After updating the game, you will have to redesignate pets as stayers at your home.
  • Onigiri now takes 2 turns to eat. (Note that other foods take 9 turns.) This means that if they have an +enhance value on them they can be used to recover SP even while in combat.
  • Added the cooked food rank to item names.
  • Added bed rank to the descriptions of beds.
  • Reduced identification fee. Investigating pets still costs the same.
  • When neutral NPCs in random Nefia trigger a randomly-generated wire trap that they will no longer behave as if the player had attacked them.
  • Fixed Silent Ocean special action not changing some tiles. (Music tiles will [still] be unchanged by it.)
  • Fixed an oversight in BGM assigning for F10 and onwards in the Cradle of Chaos.
  • Fixed the 16th adventurer getting recognized as a pet by certain game functions such as duel gloves and red soul spindle.
  • Starvation damage will no longer occur while a picnic basket is in use.
  • Fixed Misteltein special action not being considered a hostile action.
  • Made Graviton Buster not proc from Gravity Sphere equipment attribute.
  • Reduced [multiplier on] MP-dependent portion of MP Breath from 50% to 25%.

1.65: detailed changelogEdit

[Additional main quest content]

Cutscene on F39 of Cradle of Chaos and placed Leold there. Ends with the conversation for now.

[Tutorial facility]
  • the Adventure Seminar
    • [NPCs on this map] will resurrect naturally with time and map will refresh periodically. The Classroom map accessible from here will refresh whenever you enter it. The courses overlap in content, but another way of looking at it is that there is continuity across the courses.
[New NPCs]
  • novice
    • Level 6 norland. Not randomly generated. Uses Dark eye, as well as Heal Light on low health.
  • <Part time worker> the red sword
    • Level 55 karune. Drain Blood, Squeeze, Draw Shadow.
  • <Mito> the seminar lecturer
    • Level 65 juere. Uses Shadow Step and Gravity Accel.
  • <Iduru> the seminar lecturer
    • Level 65 norland. Uses Shadow Step and Continuous attacks.
  • <Cresce> the seminar lecturer
    • Level 65 zanan. Uses Rocket Fire and Potion throwing 1.
  • <Ajetalio> the seminar lecturer
    • Level 65 yerles. Uses Blade Strings, Dancing Wire, and Vindalian Jiu-jitsu.
  • <Zisilion> the mine king
    • Uses ranged attacks only. Will give platinum pieces once a day for doing town board quests. This reward does not expire over time [and you can claim it whenever you like]. This NPC also serves as a reason for players to visit towns in South Tyris.
  • chaos serpent
    • Level 190 spirit. Floats. Resists chaos. Uses collected power, Homing Lazer, Nether Wave, Shadow Step, Eye of brainwashing, Abyss in the eye, and Megid Flame. On low health, uses MP Breath.
  • chaos seed
    • Level 30 spirit. Floats. Resists chaos. Uses Squeeze and Eye of Mana.
[New evolutions]
  • Chaos spirit evolves into chaos sprout with evolution heart. Male and female sprites differ.
  • Using a god heart on chaos sprout will then make it evolve into chaos plant and learn Extermination Breath.
[Birthday event]
  • Up to 16 NPCs out of all the pet and non-pet NPCs on the current map will now be selected (pets will have priority) and they will celebrate your birthday.
  • They will celebrate it even if they were out of sight, have low impress, or are hostile, but not if they are asleep, unconscious, or have 0 Attract.
  • Lines spoken by them will be affected by their respective styles of speech.
  • The number of NPCs there and the options [you pick] will determine whether they will cheer and applaud.
  • The worst thing that can happen is that there is no one on the current map. In that case, the wish goddess will celebrate your birthday.
  • A blessed present will be generated at your feet when the event ends.
[Milking livestock]
  • The +enhance value of milk produced by livestock will be higher if they are good at producing milk. Being inept at producing milk will have no effect on the resulting +enhance value.
  • Milking has the same cooldown as Rubbing them with a brush. However, livestocks' Life will be halved every time they are milked.
  • Attempting to milk livestock with less than 2 Life will kill them. Livestock will still spawn milk on the ranch even when their Life has been lowered, so you can choose whether you want to milk them all you can then let them live or turn them into pieces of meat afterwards.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 2 floors of content to the main quest.
  • Added an item that is available for a limited time only. If you update the game while it is still 2016 and load a save file, it will be generated at your feet.
  • Made some changes to moon gates and runes because of the server shutdown.
  • Added 6 high-level ent race NPCs.
  • Ent race NPCs will start with Gardening skill.
  • Added 2 new evolutions.
  • Added 3 new special actions. Added 1 new feat that grants them.
  • The number of gold pieces awarded for clearing random Nefia is now approximately 1/4 of what it was. Floors other than the first one will have roughly the same amount of gold placed on the ground. This change was made because dungeons gave the same reward no matter how many floors there were in there, and players looking to get the gold reward at the end were basically making a beeline for the last floor. This should increase the amount of money Nefias award if they have 5 floors or more.
  • Tiles in the random floors of the Act III main quest dungeon are now of a certain type. This does not affect floors that already have been generated.
  • Decreased the spawn rate of Nefias that have a danger level that depends on the lowest floor cleared.
  • The player can now use Pregnant special action when pregnant. Now you can get that girl/guy you like knocked up. The kid isn't going to be yours though! (Talk about high-level NTR shenanigans.)
  • NPCs born from pregnancy will have a level of at most 200.
  • Increased amount of exp gained by students at the Doujou when the player stops by.
  • Changed the power of Gravity Sphere special action. Its power was previously balanced with end-game Constitution in mind, so this time it should be balanced when Constitution is still low. Floor number also has a lower effect on its power now.
  • Converge Breath gauge attack will now increase current HP by 1/3. This increases HP, but is not a healing move. It may increase HP beyond the maximum until HP gets recalculated. HP will not be increased if current HP already exceeds maximum HP.
  • Items made from item fusion will be identified when created.
  • Increased the base price of items created from wood craft and stone craft item fusion recipes. Carpentry and Jeweler skills modifier on item quality has been adjusted so that they make it easier to craft better items. The material of the resulting item is also no longer fixed and is now random, so items may sell for even more due to the material modifier on their prices. However, the game will auto-save after crafting an item.
  • Decreased the skill level required for emerald tablet, brilliant rubynus, and brilliant diamond item fusion recipes. Increased the sell price of those items. Number of items consumed when crafting remains the same.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed and added content to help_npc.txt.
  • Changed now CNPCs act when they select a move from their routine which CNPCs are not supposed to use. They will now use a physical attack instead.
  • Fixed the colour mix-up for the archayeek and lunatyeek monsters.
  • Fixed cancelling item fusion after the ingredients have already been selected then using another item fusion recipe consuming the ingredients from the cancelled recipe.
  • Fixed gender displaying twice on the conversation windows.
  • Fixed the issue with trismagistus attack range.
  • Fixed being able to use Fire a volley even if gauge is below 50%.
  • Fixed Converge Breath stopping time even when gauge is 100%.
  • Fixed Giga Gravitation affecting targets out of sight. Also fixed the debug sound effect getting played; it was used for checking when Magic Capacity experience was obtained. Also fixed 10% of maximum HP getting consumed instead of 10% of maximum MP.
  • Fixed Effect Speed option in the in-game config glitching when restarting the game.

1.64: detailed changelogEdit

[Additional main quest content]
  • Event on F37. Placed Vessel on F38. F39 is inaccessible for now.
[New item]
  • Present
    • If thrown at a hostile NPC or the player, it deals chaos damage dependent on the player's Will and Magic Device.
    • Throwing it will deal no weight-dependent damage.
    • If thrown at a non-hostile NPC, it will heal an amount of HP that is dependent on the target's and the player's Will attributes.
    • Is not consumed by throwing. Can be obtained by updating the game, or by wishing.
[New feat]
  • Knowledge of magical plants
    • Grants Misteltein special action.
    • Grants Violent Garden special action upon level up when Gardening is 30 or above.
    • Grants Aromageddon special action upon level up when Gardening is 60 or above.
[New special action]
  • Misteltein
    • Deals Throwing skill-dependent damage to the target's mana.
    • There are a couple of things that make this different from other mana damage-dealing special actions.
    • If the target is not a unique NPC and Strength is half or more than the user's base Strength, then a Strength debuff dependent on Gardening skill will be applied.
    • If the target is a god-type NPC, then Throwing and Gardening skill-dependent non-elemental damage will be dealt. (Reduced by the target's Gardening skill.)
    • Gives a little Throwing and Gardening skill experience to the user.
    • Replaces Nether Arrow in Kumiromi's repertoire of moves.
  • Violent Garden
    • Wide special action. Deals Gardening and Learning-dependent poison-element damage to hostile characters in sight.
    • The strength of the status ailment dealt is fixed.
    • Targets that are not already afflicted by Bind will have 3 turns of Bind applied to them.
    • Gives Gardening skill experience to the user.
    • Replaces Nether Arrow in Insane Kumiromi's repertoire of moves.
  • Aromageddon
    • Wide special action. Activation will expend 1 essential oil in the inventory.
    • Affects all hostile and allied characters in sight including the user.
    • Gauge of affected allies will be increased by 15% and their MP will be recovered by an amount dependent on the user's Gardening's skill.
    • A Gardening skill-dependent speed debuff will be applied on hostile targets that are non-unique NPCs and have a Speed attribute that is half of the user's Speed or more.
[New NPCs]
  • curse wood king
    • Level 153 ent. Curse, Violent Garden. Uncontroll on low health.
  • dragon tree
    • Level 131 ent. Float bit flag. Power Breath, Poison Breath.
  • tree incarnation
    • Level 114 ent. Temper bit flag. Misteltein, Lightning Bolt. Heal Critical on low health.
  • erlkonig
    • Level 96 ent. Eye of Illusion, Mist of Darkness, Darkness Bolt.
  • banyan monster
    • Level 44 ent. Squeeze, Drain Blood.
  • skogsra
    • Level 29 ent. Bewitch, Draw Shadow, Touch of Weakness.
[New evolutions]
  • Fire ent evolves into maple dragon tree with another heart. Ice ent evolves into snow dragon tree with another heart. Both of these evolutions will grant the float bit flag. The attributes that are increased by evolution will differ for them.



[Changes and additions]
  • 3 additional floors of main quest content.
  • Added 1 unique NPC and 1 unique artifact for Act III.
  • Added 6 new high-level behicle race NPCs.
  • Added 1 new evolution and changed an existing one.
  • Removed the DV halving effect of Mist of Frailness spell. Added an [armour] skill reduction effect that works separately from the PV halving effect. Armour skill reduction amount scales with spell level to a maximum of 300. The spell will also reduce the bonuses from armour skill. This is to make the spell useful for players and allies and not just for enemies.
  • The Gravity status ailment now goes away when changing maps.
  • Changed the damage calculation for Gravity Sphere special action. Base damage is now higher, floor number has less of an effect, and it is also no longer reduced by the target's Strength. It can still be reduced by magic resistance and Feather. It will now also roll to cause a short duration of Slow (can be resisted); duration of Slow depends on the user's Constitution. The probability that its corresponding equipment attribute will proc this special action has been reduced to 60%.
  • Added a gauge attack that is activated by Gravity Sphere special action.
  • Added 2 'W'ide special actions that work well with the Gravity spell. The Tough feats have been swapped for a feat that grants these. This should make it possible to roleplay as a character with gravity powers.
  • Added a special action that allows you to run over enemies while riding.
  • Added 1 learnable feat (i.e. not bought with AP) that reduces the accuracy penalty for riding.
  • Minimum damage for Smash Ground and Blade Strings special actions after damage reduction now depends on the user's Strength and Tactics.
  • Changed the counter for stacks of sox and panties [in the Japanese version] to pairs.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the following unique artifact melee weapons not triggering gauge attacks: Blood rod, Sasanqua Sickle, Zugaikurai, and Necromantis.
  • Fixed using love potions with Alchemical Rain dripping hot wax from Candle of Luluwy on to targets.
  • Fixed a turn getting expended if you use the Directive special action but cancel before selecting a target even if you have a Very pistol of Mani.
  • Fixed there not being an accuracy penalty due to the weight for a ranged weapon equipped in a hand slot.
  • Fixed there being an accuracy penalty due to weight for a melee weapon equipped in the ranged slot.
  • Fixed having an extra sox taken from you when turning in sox at a particular Act III sub quest if you have 31 or more sox. (For example, if you had 60 sox when turning them in, you will end up with only 29.)
  • All NPCs except ranch animals that have had a seasoning item used on them will no longer attempt to follow the player around.
  • Fixed harvesting unknown seeds causing the artifact seed auto-save and their crops gaining +enchant value reserved for fruits and vegetables.
  • Fixed equality sign in the code not resetting largeanimal and seamonster races to their default sets of body parts.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when attempting to read more than a certain number of sprites within the deck. As a result of this change, user sprites (for custom NPCs) are now permanently set to their default.
  • Fixed the freeze that occurred when using Golden Storm when there are no targets within range of the special action due to the continual searching for a valid target. As a precaution against this bug, the number of times targets will be attacked is now more random. To make up for that, 1 turn of irresistible Blind status ailment will be applied. Blind enemies with bling!

1.63: detailed changelogEdit

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Additional main quest content]
  • Placed the below mentioned Alfred on F34. Generates with half health and is Unconscious by default. If Lankata was killed, he will automatically recover from unconsciousness and you can talk to him. Otherwise, you will have to bash him to talk to him. You will be able to progress in the main quest even if you ignore him.
    • The main quest branches are as follows:
      1. If you talk to Alfred with Lankata killed -> Alfred will be placed in Amur-Cage after the conversation.
      2. If you talk to Alfred without killing Lankata and without killing all 4 of the undead bosses -> Alfred will be placed in Amur-Cage after the conversation. Lankata will be moved from F25 to F34 if not dead, and will naturally resurrect with time on F34 when killed.
      3. If you talk to Alfred without killing Lankata but have killed all 4 of the undead bosses -> Alfred and Lankata both move to the Shrine of Guardian after the conversation.
      4. If you go to the next floor without talking to Alfred -> Alfred dies when you use the stairs, and will be placed in Amur-Cage. When reentering F34, Lankata will be moved to that floor from F25 if not dead, and will naturally resurrect with time on F34 when killed.
      5. If Alfred dies before the conversation -> when reentering F34, Lankata will be moved to that floor from F25 if not dead, and will naturally resurrect with time on F34 when killed.
  1. 3 is the only scenario where both of them get to live, but no matter which you pick there won't be any difference in the items that you can obtain or anything. Just pick the one that suits your character the best.
  • Cutscene on F35.
  • Placed <Aile> the attendant on F36.
  • F37 is inaccessible for now.
  • The Cradle of Chaos has 40 floors in total.
[New NPCs]
  • <Alfred> the cangnan wind
    • Level 174 elea. Cure of Jua on low health. Shadow Step, Feather, Shield Parry, Magic Storm.
  • konigs katze
    • Level 151 behicle. AI prioritizes movement. Rocket Fire.
  • zoibo
    • Level 121 behicle. Shadow Step, Voracity Fang. Is a warrior, but is equipped with claws and has Marksman skill.
  • buildion
    • Level 106 behicle. Draw Shadow, Smash Ground, Hero, Attribution Shield. Is a warmage, but comes with claws equipped.
  • ride cleric
    • Level 66 behicle. Suitable for riding. Crystal Spear, Holy Shield.
  • Xeren auto tank
    • Level 35 behicle. Doesn't have any special actions.
  • large bike
    • Level 16 behicle. Neutral. Suitable for riding. Doesn't have any special actions.
[New item]
  • <Guliwelzen>
    • Unique battle axe artifact. Is equipped by the aforementioned Alfred.
[New feats]
  • Zin-ba
    • NB: pun on "one with the steed".
    • With this, accuracy penalty for weapons weighing 4s or more is reduced from
      • (Weapon weight - 3.6) * 1000 / (10 + Riding skill / 5) to
      • (Weapon weight up to 10s - 3.9) * 1000 / (100 + Riding skill * 2).
    • In addition to the above, the negative accuracy modifier while riding will also be reduced from
      • 100 / (150 - Riding / 2, min. 115, max. 150) to
      • 100 / (150 - Riding / 2, min. 105, max. 125).
    • The accuracy penalty for weapons weighing 4s or more equipped on the steed is also reduced from
      • (Weapon weight - 3.6) * 1000 / (10 + Strength / 10) to
      • (Weapon weight up to 10s - 3.9) * 1000 / (100 + Strength).
    • The negative accuracy modifier for the steed while riding will be reduced from
      • 100 / (150 - Strength / 2, min. 115, max. 150) to
      • 100 / (150 - Strength / 2, min. 105, max. 125).
  • Sexy Dance
    • NB: Reads "Gravity Control" in Japanese.
    • Replaces the Tough feats. Gives the Gravity Accel special action.
    • Will give Gravity Sphere special action when leveling up with 60 or more Constitution.
    • Will also give the Giga Gravitation special action when leveling up with 100 or more Constitution.
[New special actions]
  • Gravity Accel
    • Applies a buff of the same name to all allies (including the user) in visual range. When activated, targets will gain +20 turns of Gravity status ailment. While active, affected targets will not activate traps, nor step into puddles, nor fall into wells even though they are afflicted by Gravity. Physical damage dealt is increased by 10%, and physical damage received is reduced by 5%.
    • Speed increases with the number of turns of Gravity status ailment, capped at 1/2 of the target's original speed or 300, whichever is lower.
    • While the buff is active, the "you generate gravity" ether disease symptom is negated.
    • Gravity status ailment from Gravity special action lasts for +50 to 99 turns which is longer, so you may find Gravity Accel better when used in conjunction with the [Gravity special action].
    • In essence, this reduces the negative effects of Gravity on allies and also applies positive effects to it.
    • Gravity status ailment will still completely negate Greater Evasion though.
  • Giga Gravitation
    • Applies +30 turns of Gravity status ailment to all enemies in visual range and +1 turn of Bind.
    • Deals magic-element damage dependent on the user's Constitution and Magic Capacity skill level.
    • Damage is multiplied by 1.5x if the target's Gravity status ailment has 50-99 turns remaining.
    • Damage is multiplied by 2x if the target's Gravity status ailment has 100-149 turns remaining.
    • Damage is multiplied by 2.5x if the target's Gravity status ailment has 150-199 turns remaining.
    • Damage is multiplied by 3x if the target's Gravity status ailment has 200 or more turns remaining.
    • This special action is a lot more powerful when used in conjunction with the Gravity special action.
    • Gives Magic Capacity experience after using.
  • Hyper Dash
    • Learned during level up if Riding skill is 80 or above.
    • Nothing happens if used while not riding/being ridden.
    • Effect is applied to the player if used by the steed the player is riding, or if used by the pet riding the player.
    • If used by the player when the player is not riding, the below mentioned effects do not occur.
    • The character controlling movement (or the tag partner of an NPC) will be able to displace enemies from their tile with this buff.
    • When the player is under the effect of this buff, a melee attack will not occur when moving in the direction of an enemy and the enemy will get displaced.
    • Shadow Step and Distance Attack can still be used. Select the appropriate option from the 'i'nteract menu to use melee attacks.
    • Be aware that NPCs will not attempt to push away an enemy standing between them and their target.
    • Inflicts 1 turn of Wince. Damage is reduced by the average of the target's PV + DV + Dexterity.
    • The character controlling movement will gain Riding skill experience. (Also given to the player's steed/rider, and to tag partners of NPCs.)
    • This is basically a hit-and-run attack.
    • Divine cattle and unicorn NPCs from evolution will now have this special action.
[New gauge attack]
  • Graviton Buster
    • Activated by Gravity Sphere. Destroys wall and floor tiles in a breath area of effect.
    • Targets will gain +50 turns of Gravity status ailment and a Slow debuff that is stronger than that of Gravity Sphere. Damage is not reduced by Feather.
    • Power depends on the average of the user's Constitution and the floor number (max of 2000).
[New evolution]
  • Large bike will evolve with machine heart into machine storm and learn Hyper Dash.
[Changes to an existing evolution]
  • Xeren electric tank which was already strong to begin with will no longer evolve. Xeren auto tank added in this version will evolve into Xeren humanoid tank. Attribute increased by evolution has been changed from Magic to Strength. Fire a volley will also be learned.



[Changes and additions]
  • Overhauled character sprite drawing to make it possible to accommodate 1000+ sprites. Mostly affects custom NPCs and disguised summoned undead. As far as I can tell, everything should still work the same.
  • If the move that an NPC picks from its AI routine is Hero, Holy Shield, Regeneration, Attribution Shield, Speed. Holy Veil, Divine Wisdom, Lulwy's Trick, Boost, Contingency, Clear Mind, Feather, Charge Attack, Attribute, AutoGuard (aka Absolute Protect), Retention (aka Space Retention), Concentration, Element Scar, Mist of Silence, Slow, [Mist of] Frailness, Nightmare, Punishment, or Death Word, and its target is already afflicted with the buff/debuff, it will attempt to pick another move out of the routine up to two times. For example, a move that has a 20% chance of getting used will now only have a 0.8% chance of getting wasted.
  • Added a new gauge attack that procs from touch-type special actions.
  • Added a 'W'ide special action that throws money. Money thrown cannot be recovered.
  • Added 2 new special actions for NPC use only.
  • Added 1 new 'W'ide special action available from the shield bash feat.
  • Sacks of sugar and bottles of salt are now usable items. Added pepper and soy sauce items; these fall in the same category of items as the former two. Using these on any NPC will marinate them and increase the quality of the corpse they drop (up to +4). Now you can enjoy little Gwen with salt and pepper or have your bosses with soy sauce.
  • Unknown seed crops no longer yield junk- and ore-type items.
  • Tentatively added 4 new items. All of them are obtainable from unknown seeds.
  • Added 3 new item fusion recipes. Relaxed item requirements for instant ale recipe and increased the number of products it yields.
  • Summoned undead no longer contribute to performing score.
  • Only one each of every type of fused undead can be created at a time.
  • Coffins of necromancy of summoned undead used in necro fusion will now have a cooldown of 24 hours.
  • Kaneda Bike's sprite is now a mix of the original bike that it references and a normal motorcycle.
  • Using Alchemical Rain with love potions no longer causes impress to increase (it will still cause Dim though).
  • Changed the damage calculation for Blade Strings. Tactics skill now has a greater effect on damage, and damage is now reduced by the target's armor skill.
  • The "change attack to arrow magic" feat now gives Casting experience. Special actions that proc regular attacks will now also change those attacks to dart-type spells.
  • The portion of the extra melee attack bonus chance that depends on the number of hands is now 0 when number of hands is 2 or fewer. (NB: see equipment attributes page on English wiki for more info.)
  • I've always felt that Confused and Dim are too similar in terms of their effects, and there are also several ways of applying Dim to targets that are immune to it. Thus, to make the distinction between them greater, Confused now causes only spellcasting failure and random movement of the player's character, and also reduced ability to give commands to the player's character. Dim, on the other hand, causes reduced accuracy, reduced evade, and an increased chance of receiving critical attacks.
  • Body weight of 100kg and above no longer grants immunity to spider webs.
  • The portion of body weight that depends on height has a minimum of 0. Characters with 0 weight now no longer gains weight when eating. Cursed Slow potions and that soup item will still have an effect.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed tobacco not getting consumed in the tobacco processing recipe.
  • Fixed damage reduction due to distance multipliers getting applied twice when rock throwing equipment attribute is in effect.
  • Fixed regular investing (i.e. not investing 50) attempting to increase shop rank twice.
  • Fixed portrait, name, and atmosphere of characters that do not have a walking animation set not returning to their normal state when the effect of a shift core ends.
  • Fixed log messages sometimes not getting displayed when more than one message attempts to display when changing maps.

1.62: detailed changelogEdit

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[New items]

All of these can be harvested from unknown seeds. They also have a low chance of getting randomly generated. If harvested, they will gain a +enchant value from Gardening skill or from the fertilizer bonus.

  • tea leaf
    • Will be used in item fusion to craft black tea or green tea in the future.
  • coffee beans
    • When used in item fusion, yields 4 x cups of coffees that are all guaranteed to be blessed and inherit the +enchant value of the coffee beans. The +enchant value increases its sell value. You can use this to roleplay coffeshop.
  • rice
    • When used in item fusion, yields 10 x rice balls that are unblessed but inherit the +enchant value of the rice. It's an early game food that will not train attributes, but the +enchant value will recover SP.
  • bannou mugi
    • (NB: multi-purpose wheat)
    • When used in item fusion, yields 2 x bottles of beer and 2 x bottles of whiskey, all of which a guaranteed to be blessed, as well as 2 x sacks of flour and 2 x raw noodles that are unblessed but inherit the +enchant value of the bannou mugi.
[New special actions]
  • Shield Parry
    • Learned upon level up if Shield skill is 35 or above and shield bash feat has been acquired.
    • Applies a buff of the same name to all allies in sight who have a shield equipped in a hand when used.
    • Will give a (DV total of shields equipped in hands + 5, does not include tonfas/claws)% chance of evading physical attacks. Is calculated separately from the normal evasion. This % chance has a minimum of 0, and maximum of 15. (This means that the lighter shields are better than heavy shields in this respect, and there will be no need to use multiple shields as 1 will suffice.)
    • If a melee attack is evaded with the above calculation or with a regular evade/greater evasion while the buff is active, 2 turns of Invert status ailment (NB: "stagger") will be applied to the attacker.
    • (Remote attacking opponents will be Inverted, but ranged attackers will not and will only be evaded.)
    • Physical damage on characters affected by Invert will be multiplied by 1.75 times.
    • High DV shield-wielding characters can now be damage support.
  • Golden Storm
    • Learned upon level up if Investing skill is 50 or above. (Is a 'W'ide special action.)
    • An attack that tosses 200gp at each enemy in sight. Tosses up to 10 times. Gold pieces cannot be retrieved.
    • Gold amount cannot be adjusted because that would make balancing this special action difficult. Too bad, really.
    • Damage depends on Investing and Throwing skill levels. This really is a spike damage special action for Throwing characters.
    • Damage is reduced by target's PV, equipment skill, and Dexterity. Won't work well against opponents that have a lot of defense.
    • Yacatect will use this for both of her forms when her health is down to 50% or less, with the probability of her using it depending on the amount of gold [that she has].
    • More literal bang for your bucks.
  • Rocket Fire
    • Same effect as the Panzerfaust X item, except damage is reduced by the target's PV, DV, Constitution, and armor skill. If gauge is insufficient, it turns into a regular ranged attack.
  • Nuclear Fire
    • Same effect as the atomic launcher item, except damage is reduced by the target's PV, DV, Constitution, and armor skill. If gauge is insufficient, it turns into a regular ranged attack.
[New gauge attack]
    • (NB: expends 100% gauge.)
    • Power depends on the average value of Will and Magic. Has no effect other than damage, but damage is easy to scale up.
    • Hand-type special action -> (Resolution Hand if you have it; NB: it actually says Palm of Derangement?) -> GHAND would be how attacks are usually chained, but if the Blue Spirit is equipped, only GHAND will be used after selecting the hand-type special action. This increases damage dealt and also allows you to attack distant enemies.
[Seasoning for prepping food]
  • Any of the seasoning items will increase corpse quality by +1. It uses the same variable as the counter for rubbing livestock on the ranch, so the number of seasoning items used on them is the number of times you won't have to rub them. There might not be a point in doing that though.
  • All of them will deal a large amount of damage to snail race characters.



[Changes and additions]
  • Four floors' worth of content in Act III main quest.
  • Added 2 new items.
  • Added 1 new precious artifact. It will cause summoned undead to fuse with one another.
  • Added 4 new low-level undeadgod NPCs. They do not spawn naturally.
  • Added 1 new unique NPC for Act III.
  • Increased the volume of the growling sound effect when entering a floor with a Big Daddy.
  • The effect of changing physical attacks to dart spells is no longer solely applied to actions in the NPC's AI routine. It will now also work even if the target is out of range for that particular action in the routine to activate and the NPC ends up doing a regular attack.
  • Added 2 new 'W'ide special actions obtainable from the Gentle Face feat.
  • Added 1 new 'W'ide special action obtainable from the Magic Eye feat.
  • Number of turns that targets are boosted by Rubbing special action is now 3 and 5 respectively for Fellow impress and for Soul Mate and above.
  • Changed the name of Resolution Hand special action, and also made slight changes to its cost and effect.
  • Sound effect for Blade Turbulence special action no longer plays when the user is out of the player's sight.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Added code to dissolve a tag team if a tag member has been handed over for a sub quest or placed in the Doujou. This is to prevent the remaining member of the team from temporarily vanishing.
  • Fixed experience getting rewarded for using Blade Strings on NPCs resulting from splitting or on a sandbag.
  • Fixed the conversation continuing normally and the game crashing sometimes if a pet is selected from the list pets to change martial style for at the Doujou, and then cancelled.

1.61: detailed changelogEdit

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Additional main quest content]
  • Mid-boss battle in F30 of the Cradle of Chaos, but you can ignore it and go down the stairs if it's too much trouble. Future events will change a lot depending on whether you killed all four unitdead NPCs (NB: see below) on the floor.
  • Cutscene on F31. Halion and Miros will get placed in Ruoza after that. Miros will disappear from Kurualm.
  • Arma on F32.
  • Cutscene on F33. F34 is inaccessible for now.
[New items]
  • b-jerky
    • Part two of eating legendary monsters is the jerky of the Byakhee!
    • Dropped occasionally by the king in yellow. Gives speed experience when eaten. Will not cause insanity.
    • What's great about this is that unlike raw shoes, you can feed them to your pets.
    • Part three will be roast Shantaks.
  • hanabi
    • A purely aesthetic item that is rarely randomly generated. One is guaranteed to be at the Ludus summer festival.
    • Color of the effect and where it occurs is random. Can be used on the world map or indoors (consider remodeling your home before that).
    • This is for the people who had work or are forever alone and couldn't go to a fireworks display - enjoy the fireworks in Irva with your pets, at least?
    • Let me know if you find a better sound effect for it.
  • Necromantis
    • Unique scythe artifact. Using it causes undead to fuse. Music tickets can be exchanged for it in Act II.
[Undead fusion]
  • Use the Necromantis, select the type of fusion desired, expend 25% gauge, and the undead gets summoned.
  • Undead that were subject to fusion will become coffins with 1 hour cooldown.
  • The various Necro Force powers will have an effect, but the [fused undead] cannot be put into a coffin.
  • Fused undead cannot leave the map they are created in, so it's a good idea to use them only when fighting a strong enemy.
  • Undeadgod race NPCs have high attributes and have no weakness to fire so they should prove useful. Remember that they don't have the usual resistance bonuses that undead have though.
[New NPCs]
  • <Halion> the extremist
    • Level 20 elea. Has temper bit flag. Potion throwing 1, Nether Arrow, Rampage. On low health, Heal Critical.

The following characters do not spawn naturally. They are either created by the Necromantis, or spawn in an Act III mid-boss battle. Keep that in mind if you're looking to raise them as pets. In the future, they will appear in the Void after clearing Act III.

  • unitdead-king
    • Undeadgod. Unaffected by equipment attribute that deals massive damage to gods. Rotten corpse. Super Regene on low health. Uses Shadow Step, Squeeze, Boost.
  • unitdead-queen
    • Undeadgod. Unaffected by equipment attribute that deals massive damage to gods. Rotten corpse. Super Regene on low health. Psychic Wave, Gravity Sphere.
  • unitdead-jack
    • Undeadgod. Unaffected by equipment attribute that deals massive damage to gods. MP Breath on low health. Nether Breath, Voracity Fang, Draw Shadow, Swarm, Megid Flame.
  • unitdead-joker
    • Undeadgod. Unaffected by equipment attribute that deals massive damage to gods. Rotten corpse. Cure of Jua on low health. Provoke, Short Teleport, Alchemical Rain, Ice Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Slow. Over-Ray when gauge is sufficient. (When NPCs use Alchemical Rain, it will only make targets wet, but they will remain wet for longer.)
[New special actions]
  • Abyss in the eye
    • Gained during level up if the Magic Eye feat has been acquired and Magic is 60 or above.
    • Gives the user and all pets in sight with a buff of the same name.
    • Gauge absorption is fixed at 2%, and HP, MP absorption will depend on the user's Magic.
  • Cowering Smile
    • Gained during level up if Gentle Face feat has been acquired and Will is 80 or above.
    • All characters excluding the user in sight will get afflicted by 3 turns of Atrophy and Chills. (Which works out to 0.45 times damage dealt for the afflicted characters.)
    • Has no effect on characters already affected by Atrophy or Chills.
  • Smile Field
    • Gained during level up if Gentle Face feat has been acquired and Will is 40 or above.
    • Uses Space Retention on the user, and all targets in sight will get buffed with Concentration.
    • Strength of buffs will depend on the number of targets and the user's Will.
    • If there are no enemies around that use physical attacks then it may be worth using it even if enemies are in sight.
    • It makes enemies proc criticals more often so it works well in combination with Emergency Evasion.



  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurs when selling items or depositing items while affected by buffs or debuffs.
  • Fixed level 0 spells getting displayed on the character sheet's list.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 6 high-level yeek race NPCs.
  • Added 1 item fusion recipe.
  • Reduced the SP cost of "Touch of..."-type special actions. Added a Wide-area support special action for those.
  • While Sense Objects is active, you will be able to see invisible NPCs as well now.
  • Individual spells can now be tracked, the decimal values of their spell levels can be seen, and bonus points can now be spent on them on the character sheet after the resistances section. (Some debug mode functions have been enabled to allow this.)
  • Added an AP feat for pet use only (listed under Change battle style). When they attempt to use a regular physical attack (melee or ranged), it will become a dart-type spell of the element that they have the highest resistance against.
  • Reduced the cost of magic practice to 3-10 pp.
  • The goose now lays 2 pp at a time.
  • The Elements Eyes artifact no longer affects all allied characters in visual range, and is now targeted in the 4 cardinal directions. Its effects also no longer wear off during sleep. By targeting the desired character and selecting the Cancel option, the Elements Eyes' effect will wear off on that character.
  • There is now a confirmation dialogue when handing over town child NPCs at an Act II sub quest. Pets marked as important can no longer be handed over.
  • Pets' Investing skill now has some effect when the player is investing shop (the sum of 1/5 of each of their Investing skill capped at the player's Investing skill level). They will also receive experience to the skill.
  • Rare herbs now recover 20 times as much potential. The amount of potential recovered by food infused with herb remains the same. This is to buff the option of eating herbs as they are.
  • Magic practice experience now increases with Learning attribute instead of being a fixed value.
  • Added scroll of escape to rewards given for defeating the random boss in dungeons.
  • The speed at which effect animations play at can now be adjusted in the in-game settings.
  • You can now tell the informer your birthday once. There may be a birthday event in future versions that will occur on the real-life date.
  • Made it possible to have even more physical intimacy with your pet:
    • It is now possible to access a special conversation screen with pets who are at Friend impress or above. Choosing which action to take will expend action points.
    • TxtDialogB, TxtDialogE, TxtDialogF, and TxtDialogH from the pet's custom spoken line file will be used by depending on which action you choose to take, and they will also change their full-body portrait (NB: AKA 'atmosphere') to match.
    • Their happiness will increase depending on the actions taken up to a maximum of 10. Sleeping will reset your action points to 10, but all happiness points of all pets will also be reset.
    • Pets' gauges will increase by their happiness points every time they take a turn.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred if you enter a number less than 0 or a number for which no picture file exists when changing the atmosphere (the full-body portrait). To prevent this, numbers that do not match any picture file can no longer be selected. (This also means that you will be unable to select pictures if their file numbers are not contiguous.)
  • Fixed the enhances your spells modifier only being 1.1 times at most for magic devices due to a typo.
  • Fixed the massive reduction in healing effect on characters with cMetal and cArmour bit flags.
  • Fixed being able to repatriate inner gods recruited as pets, causing them to disappear.
  • Added more measures to prevent sell price overflow.
  • Fixed Time Stop special action having an effect even when time has already been stopped. Also fixed some characters not getting their gauge reduced when they use it.

1.60: detailed changelogEdit

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[More physical intimacy]
  • If a pet is at Friend status or above, the player has Action points remaining, and Happiness is not at max, then the [evochat] option will appear in the conversation window.
    • When that option is selected, the ambient SFXs like the chattering in town will temporarily be turned off.
    • Picking 'Be kind': +1. Chance of an additional +1 depends on impress.
    • Picking 'To embarrass': no change. But if they tend to be passive/obedient due to use of the tamer's whip, then there is a chance of gaining +2, [with the chance dependent on the servant/master relationship].
    • Give 100,000gp: +1. Roll for random number up to the target's current gold amount - if result is below 100,000, give an additional +1.
    • Every action taken other than ending it will reduce Action points by 1. And to be honest, it's going to be very boring if the pet does not have their atmosphere (full body portraits) set. Evochat is short for evolved chat.
[New NPCs]
  • heroyeek
    • Level 155 yeek. Uses Draw Shadow, Hero, Slow.
  • lunatyeek
    • Level 131 yeek. Eye of Insanity, Insult, Mind Bolt.
  • master archayeek
    • Level 106 yeek. Water Bolt, Dark Eye, Summon Yeek, Bound in Blood. On low health, Cure of Jua.
  • archayeek gunner
    • Level 78 yeek. Homing Lazer, Provoke.
  • archayeek
    • Level 56 yeek. Shadow Step, Smash Ground.
  • yeek hard worker
    • Level 30 yeek. Has a high chance of using collected power, Disturbance.
[New items] - Purely for roleplaying smoking characters
  • In the future, they may be targetable in the 4 cardinal directions to cause a gauge increase or come with withdrawal symptoms.
  • suigara - [NB: cigarette butt] Generated at your feet after using a cigarette.
  • kiseru - Generated randomly.
  • tobacco pipe - Generated randomly.
  • hamaki - [NB: cigar] Generated randomly.
  • cigarette - Generated randomly.
  • tobacco - Generated randomly. Also harvestable from unknown seed crops.
[New item fusion recipes]
  • tobacco processing - crafts cigarette, hamaki, tobacco pipe, and kiseru.
[New 'W'ide' special action]
  • Resolution Hand
    • Gained during level up if Touch of Poison or Touch of Sleep feat has been acquired and Alchemy skill is 20 or above.
    • When used, it gives a buff to all allies (including the user) in sight that has the same name.
    • [With the buff,] Touch of Weakness, Touch of Hunger, Touch of Poison, Touch of Nerve, Touch of Fear, and Touch of Sleep will now deal damage to the target, with amount of damage depending on Alchemy skill and Magic attribute. Damage is reduced by the target's Constitution.
    • If the target's health is determined to be less than 1/8 of maximum (this does not include the farmer's bonus), then it will invoke something similar to decapitation and deal lethal damage and give the user a small amount of a random material. Targets on a sandbag do not yield materials.
[New spell page on the character sheet]
  • The spells are basically the same as skills. However, they don't recover much potential when bonus points are spent on them because potential will recover if you do nothing anyway. It's also because not much potential is recovered at high potential. You would probably want to use this to bring spell levels to the point where they are just about to level up before attending magic practice.
[New AP feat for pets]
  • Change attack to arrow magic
    • For when you want to make pets with melee/ranged AI attack with only spells instead. (And also if you like dart-type spells.)

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