Older versions Edit

Versions Date range
1.70 - 7/24/2017 -
1.60 - 1.69 7/18/2016 - 6/25/2017
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99



[Changes and additions]
  • Explicitly prevented the game from connecting to the new third-party Japanese chat server meant for vanilla Elona that was set up with Noa's permission. The game will not connect if the address for that server is specified in the server.txt.
    • NB: the following line was already in English:
    • [Please don't make it possible to connect to by modification.]
  • Added an Act III sub quest (Arasiel's).
  • Potentials will no longer decrease when attributes and skill levels are increased by a fixed amount (NB: like by quaffing from wells).
  • Added a new monster.
  • Made fever mode affect only random Nefia.
  • Damage for Shining Wave, Smash Ground, Blade Strings, Golden Storm, Rocket Fire, Nuclear Fire, and Hyper Dash special actions is now divided by the sum of PV and DV.
  • NPCs on the same side will no longer run each other over with Hyper Dash.
  • Added 2 new special actions. One of them is for NPC use only.
  • Made the sound effect for Collected Power play only if the user is within sight.
  • Increased frequency of melee and ranged attack (NB: purchased with AP) now has a higher priority than seal magic and seal ability.
  • Added 1 new unique artifact.
  • Added 4 new items. Added 2 new item fusion recipes.
  • Added a new buff that increases Constitution and Charisma. Added a new potion and spellbook for it. The aforementioned 4 new items don't include these.
  • Cost of identifying and investigating items now depends on fame instead of Negotiation. (It's cheaper when fame is lower.) Caps out at 100,000 fame.
  • Made green tea decrease the vomit counter by 1.
  • Changed the name of the "fake gold" recipe to "junk make" to reflect the type of items produced by the recipe.
  • Made slight changes to the ingredients for the makenn tensei and shin makenn tensei recipes.
  • Made food train Speed attribute by an amount dependent on their +enhance value. This applies even if the food item does not usually train Speed.
  • Increased the chance that general vendors will sell monster balls.
  • Items harvested from crops will no longer be blessed nor cursed.
  • Potions of cure corruption will no longer have +enhance values when harvested from unknown seeds.
  • Fixed cards generated during marriage not being able to handle sprite numbers 1000 and above.
  • Fixed pets having a chance to not speak their default lines when eating together them when they have no custom [txtMeal] line set. Added an alternate line.
  • A graphical glitch was occurring when resistances were increased from having a meal together with pets, so the visual effects will no longer play when eating together.
  • Fixed pets being unable to eat anything unless their satiety has decreased to the new [lower] minimum set the previous update. They are now able to eat when their satiety reaches the old minimum.
  • Fixed pets not earning any money from selling wild flowers in towns.
  • Fixed being unable to enchant equipment asides from melee and ranged weapons with the remote blow equipment attribute.
  • Fixed there being duplicate checks (e.g. karma penalty) for NPC deaths occurring on a puddle of acid/potion or in a pillar of fire.

1.70: detailed changelogEdit

[New Act III sub quest]
  • Start by talking to Arasiel. When the date changes, there is a 5% chance that the target monster you need to capture will change to a different one.
  • When the target monster is turned in, there will no longer be a target monster specified.
  • If there is no target monster specified when the date changes, there is a 50% change that there will be a new target monster specified.
  • Pets not marked as important will be handed over [without any confirmation]. Pets in a tag team cannot be turned in.
  • Handing over 3 target monsters will clear the quest the first time, and will award only the Rainbow.
  • When repeating the quest, you will have to turn in 5 monsters each time to receive a reward. The reward that is given depends on the time at which you talk to Arasiel:
    •  :00 - :07 for jewel of tear of god for the deals fire damage equipment attribute
    •  :08 - :15 for jewel of tear of god for the deals cold damage equipment attribute
    •  :16 - :23 for jewel of tear of god for the deals lightning damage equipment attribute
    •  :24 - :32 for jewel of tear of god for the deals poison damage equipment attribute
    •  :33 - :41 for jewel of tear of god for the deals chaos damage equipment attribute
    •  :42 - :50 for jewel of tear of god for the deals sound damage equipment attribute
    •  :51 - :59 for jewel of tear of god for the deals dark damage equipment attribute
[New buff]
  • Gem Power
    • Granted by the potion of gem and spellbook of gem below.
[New items]
  • potion of gem
    • Generated randomly.
  • spellbook of gem
    • Generated randomly.
  • high potion of wisdom
    • Available only via item fusion. Not generated randomly. Has the effects of Hero, Gem, Concentration, and Divine Wisdom, but at a lower strength than if all those potions had been used separately.
  • soybean
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot.
    • When thrown, is used up and deals Throwing skill-dependent dark elemental damage. Status ailment strength is dependent on +enhance value. Is used up even if it hits an empty tile.
    • If the target that it hits is a shine ogre, slash ogre, or smash ogre, it deals non-elemental damage like when salt hits a snail.
    • Is used to make bottles of soy sauce and the 3 items below in item fusion.
  • fried tofu
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Magic when eaten.
    • When fed to a fox, fox brother (and evolved fox brothers), and silver fox brother, it increases Happiness by 5 if Happiness is less than 5.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • tofu
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Strength when eaten.
    • When thrown, is used up and deals Throwing and +enhance value-dependent fixed damage. Gives a special death message. Is used up even if it hits an empty tile.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • natto
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Dexterity when eaten.
    • When thrown, it afflicts (+enhance value + 5) turns of Fury that does not stack. You may want to use these in conjunction with Charge Attack or something.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • 1.2 million tax certificate
  • 12 million tax certificate
    • These two items are available for sale only in certain places like the embassy, and depositing them in the tax box will deduct the amount indicated from the gold pieces you currently have.
    • Taxes you incur each month will be deducted from the amount that you have pre-paid, and you will not receive any bills when there is a balance remaining.
    • Taxes deducted from the pre-paid amount will be exempt from the 0 - 19% random additional charge that is applied to bills, making it cheaper to pre-pay taxes.
    • Balance remaining is displayed in the journal.
    • If tax exceeds the remaining balance, you will be billed only the difference. When the balance runs out, a message will be displayed.
    • You can pre-pay with as many tax certificates as you like; each certificate will add to the remaining balance.
    • Be careful with these if you are trying to get your taxes in arrears to join the Thieves Guild.
  • <Harakiri>
    • Reusable unique artifact. Not a weapon.
    • Randomly generated, and has a rare-loot trigger dependent 1/30 chance of dropping from kamikaze samurai.
    • If used, you will commit seppuku, setting HP to 1/8 of the current value and causing bleed. All characters in sight (including unique NPCs) will then cease to be in combat mode. NPCs that were not originally hostile will no longer be hostile, and hostile NPCs will overlook you for 15-50 turns and will not have discovered you yet.
    • Duels will also end.
    • This means you can escape from combat, or heal up and stab characters in the back.
    • The disadvantages of using this are significant, but you can pair it with the Blood Stream attack below to deal a large amount of damage.
    • Be warned, however, that using the Harakiri again in sight of NPCs currently overlooking you (including pets) will proc kaisyaku, i.e. decapitation to help with the suicide.
[New special actions]
  • Blood Stream
    • Learned during level up when Will and Constitution are both 50 or above.
    • Deals Will and Constitution-dependent damage in a straight line. Reduced by PV + DV.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 10 - 19 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 1.5 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 20 - 29 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 2 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 30 - 39 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 2.5 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 40+ strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 3 times.
    • When used, if the user is afflicted by less than 100 strength bleed, then 8 is added to the bleed strength. Affected by Control Magic skill level.
    • performaid bloodress will now use this when bleeding.
    • The H sister, kali, and blood golem will rarely use this.
  • Flame of Rage
    • Wide special action usable only when in Fury status. Deals Will and Magic-dependent fire elemental damage to non-friendly characters in sight. Fury status is removed after usage.
    • The tiny older sister, yandere younger sister, and wolf king (NB: all evolutions, no English equivalent?) will use this when in Fury status.
[New NPC]
  • sickfull older brother
    • Secret character. A rare male roran. (Default level 1, but actual level may vary.)
    • Uses Nether Wave, Mind Bolt, Nerve Arrow, Psychic Wave, type 1 potion throwing, and Bound in Blood.
    • Uses Cure of Eris on low health, and Blood Stream when bleeding.

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