Older versions Edit

Versions Date range
1.80 - 7/16/2018 -
1.70 - 1.79 7/24/2017 - 7/7/2018
1.60 - 1.69 7/18/2016 - 6/25/2017
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99



[Changes and additions]
  • Added more than 100 new map tiles as part of recreating [Etherwind's] content and maps. Placeholder tiles in Zaile have been replaced. (For save files from previous versions, the change will be applied the next time the map gets refreshed.)
  • Added a new feature to house boards and [registers] that allows you to "Change tile group" for your properties.
    • With this, you can make your properties look like the world map or mansion of younger sister.
    • The selection of tiles available in design mode has also been changed.
    • Hot springs can now be placed, but they will now only have an effect in Larna and Arcbelc.
  • Added a new item that lets you move your constructed deeds to another tile with their interior intact. With a bit of effort, they can also move properties to another continent. These can be bought at places like the embassy for cheap.
  • Danger level of shelter maps, which depends on their serial number, will now loop from 5 to 50. This affects existing shelter maps. When the danger level loops, the newly constructed shelter map will get reset [as well as any other shelter map that shares that danger level]. This means that you can have up to 46 different shelters, but upon exceeding that by constructing and removing more shelters, their contents will start disappearing.
  • Added the option to remove all shopkeeper feats from a character. Available at a certain character in South Tyris. Sales exp doesn't get reset, so feats can be re-learned easily.
  • Added the option to remove all equipment attributes and Exp from a living weapon. Available at a certain character in South Tyris.
    • If that weapon has any +enhance value that is 1 or greater, that value is also reset to 0.
    • Acidproofing and fireproofing are not equipment attributes, so those will not get removed.
    • Be careful, because ALL equipment attributes will get removed, including those that were generated based on your luck, those inherent to the weapon type, and those inherent to the weapon's material.
  • When interacting with your player character while riding, you can now choose between interacting with the player character or with the steed. You no longer have to get off and get on your horse to do things.
  • Changed the damage calculation for Unison Impact special action.
    • It no longer adds the skill levels for your entire party then uses the sum to calculate damage.
    • Instead, it calculates the damage for every individual member, then sums that damage and applies it.
    • This reduces the difference in amount of damage you can deal with Unison Impact and with Gauge Release attacks at maximum power gauge for all members.
  • Quaffing juice made from food modified by the Hazard Recipe will now deal mind damage dependent on the player's Gene engineer skill level.
    • Unlike eating (Danger!) food, juice made this way will also retain their original effects [such as giving attribute experience]. One special blend, coming right up!
  • Made it possible to use potions as a 't'ool aside from 'q'uaffing them. This will throw the potion on yourself, skipping the need to target the tile you are standing on. This is for when you want to increase your hydration level by just a bit.
  • Added potion of weakness to type II potion throwing.
  • Implemented a maximum and minimum cap on the amount of time passed per turn.
  • Made it possible to use items set as no-drop as an item mark.
  • Doubled the player character's resistance to brainwashing.
  • Increased the resistance to insanity conferred by drunk status and the unique NPC bonuses.
  • Made dark fragments awarded from town board quests generate unblessed and uncursed.
  • The gum remnant generated after eating chewing gum or gum remnant will now go directly into a character's inventory if there is sufficient space in it.
  • NPCs will no longer eat food thrown at them when they are asleep or unconscious.
  • Made audience members with the escort bit flag in an Act III sub quest immune to domination. Enemies in this sub quest can still be dominated.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when selecting the item mark option in the English version.
  • Fixed the Tag Force buff's brainwash resistance not working for the player.
  • Fixed the pet arena counter not getting reset after every match, causing it to keep counting until a loss or until [the player] moves a step.
  • Fixed the crash from vanilla Elona that occurred when the game window is set to 1152 x 864, the cursor is placed on the top right corner of the window in Design mode, and then the left cursor key is pressed to cause the view to scroll to the side.
  • Fixed the AP cost for increasing life not getting calculated properly sometimes.
  • Fixed characters buffed by Concentration not being immune to confusion.
  • Fixed freshness and value of items not getting set properly sometimes when stacking items with the 'I' key.

1.86: detailed changelogEdit

[New item]
  • deed of property transfer deed
    • Read it inside the property that you want to move, then read it again on the world map at where you want to move it to.
    • After reading a deed inside a property, you can read it again in another property to overwrite the property linked to it.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added "Item mark set/adjust/move/delete" to the 'i'nteract menu for characters.
    • Select an item from your inventory to place a smaller version of that item's sprite at the lower left corner of that character's sprite (except when on the world map).
    • It supports item hue and items that have had their sprites customized via Garokk. It will also work on the player character [if you 'i'nteract with yourself].
    • You can customize their position, size, and rotation to an extent, as well as whether they appear in front or behind that character.
    • Simplicity was a priority, so if you want to have multiple sprites or flip the image or something you'll have to create your own sprites.
    • You can use this to remember which pet is holding which item or to differentiate between pets that look really similar, or just as decoration.
  • Combined weapon and armor hardening at the blacksmith into equipment hardening.
    • Also added new options to make equipment lighter or heavier. (Works only for >0.1s and <100s items respectively.)
    • The weight modifications are expensive and are also not subject to the Fighters Guild's 50% discount.
    • This lets you fine-tune item weights in 0.1s increments/decrements, which was not possible with flying scrolls that added or subtracted a percentage of item weight.
  • Added an event dialogue that happens on anniversaries. It triggers when waking up on the day of an anniversary for a pet who is at Fellow or above, and one or more year has passed since that anniversary. Will happen for only one pet's anniversary [every time you wake up]. If you don't wake up on anniversary day, it won't trigger.
  • Added 2 new special actions, both of which can be learned by the player.
  • Added 6 new kobolt and 1 new bacteria NPCs.
  • Added 1 new evolution.
  • Added 1 new item.
  • Implemented 2 item fusion recipes.
  • Set the upper limit of the quota for trap removal quests to 200. There are at least 325 traps on the map, so getting 1.5 times the quota is still possible.
  • The mine version of trap removal quests will now generate only above 15,000 fame and will now give 1 bronze coin even if you don't reach 1.5 times the quota.
  • Danger level of shelter maps no longer go up as their No increase. This is to curtail their abuse for danger level-dependent things and the need for repeatedly constructing and removing shelters.
  • Summoned NPCs will now have the summoned bit flag even if they are neither hostile nor spirits. Non-hostile NPCs with the summoned bit flag will not despawn from the map upon reentering the map after some time.
  • Buffed the effect of MP recovery on MPoison. It now halves MPoison strength then subtracts 10, instead of only subtracting 10. This means that pets who can't use rods will be fine with just a few scrolls of mana in their inventory.
  • Removed the auto-save from drinking blessed potions of potential because potentials increased are not random.
  • Added wait to the auto-save when encountering assassins during an escort quest. Prevented user input for movement from registering before the wait comes into effect.
  • Decreased the regular damage part of decapitation and also made it reduced by the target's PV.
  • Made necromancy undead immune to Group Hypnosis (like they are to Eye of brainwashing) including its sleep effect.
  • Prevented poisoned food items from getting used in "Let's have a meal together.".
  • Fixed Tag Force that was supposed to be used by <Rianna> the daydreamer getting used by zanan old soldier instead.
  • Fixed Killing Dance special action sometimes buffing the user's target instead of the user himself.
  • Fixed not receiving skill experience for disarming pitfalls on quest maps.
  • Fixed disarming traps by standing on top of them and pressing the enter key not counting towards the quest quota. Manually disarming them while floating is safer but remember that it takes twice as many turns.
  • Fixed some food items turning invisible on the ground instead of getting destroyed after being thrown.
  • Fixed some cases in which pet names don't change after evolution.
  • Fixed happy apples not being in the list of items available for purchase with music tickets.

1.85: detailed changelogEdit

[New anniversary event]
  • Making the pet happy increases Happiness by 10. Making it unhappy decreases Happiness by 5.
  • No change if exasperated, and -10 if sad.
  • The aforementioned are pretty inconsequential, but there is another option that triggers a special type of ragnarok where only universe invaders will spawn.
  • All options except for ragnarok will generate a present at your character's feet.
[New NPCs]
  • kobold blaster
    • Level 153 kobolt. Equipped with magnum ammo. Will occasionally use Collected Power.
  • duke kobold
    • Level 122 kobolt. Male only. Uses Group Hypnosis, Shadow Step, and Distant Attack.
  • lightning kobold
    • Level 101 kobolt. Strong lightning resistance. Uses Continuous attack and Element Scar.
  • kobold saber
    • Level 90 kobolt. Equipped with magnum ammo. Will rarely use Boost.
  • kobold blue
    • Level 27 kobolt. Strong poison resistance. Out of all the new NPCs in this version, only this NPC's corpse is poisonous. Uses Touch of Poison and Anaphylaxis.
  • kobolina
    • Level 15 kobolt. Female only. Heal Critical on low health. Yses Mist of Darkness and Feather.
  • universe invader
    • Level 70 bacterial. Forms swarms with other universe invaders. Uses Speed, Voracity Fang, and Squeeze.
[New evolution]
  • kobold evolves with king heart into king kobold and learns Browbeat.
[New special actions]
  • Hazard Recipe
    • Learned upon level up by the player with the "researching poisons" feat acquired and at least 20 in the Gene engineer skill.
    • Select a food item and it will gain a bit flag and the (Danger!) prefix. The item sprite will become jet-black, its item price will be reduced greatly, and it can no longer be used for having a meal together with a pet.
    • It will still train attributes the same way the original food item did, but special effects [like gaining resistances and impregnation] will no longer work.
    • Eating this item will cause the target to receive Gene engineer skill level-dependent non-elemental damage. If the target survives the damage, it will also get hit by one of the following:
      • vomit twice in a row,
      • have its gauge decreased by 30%,
      • receive additional poison damage,
      • receive chaos damage,
      • roll for insanity,
      • roll to get dimmed, or
      • receive 2 turns of Invert status ailment.
    • The epitome of lacing food with poison or a terminal inability to cook? You decide.
  • Anaphylaxis
    • 'W'ide special action.
    • Learned upon level up by the player with the "researching poisons" feat acquired and at least 40 in the Gene engineer skill.
    • Deals poison-element damage dependent on the user's Constitution attribute and Gene engineer skill, as well as the strength of the target's Poisoned status ailment.
    • The target will receive damage even when not poisoned, but the damage multiplier will be low.
    • Using this special action alone to poison a target will be difficult as the strength of the poison status ailment applied is low.
    • If the target is poisoned, it inflicts Dyspnea status ailment. (Does not add additional turns of Dypsnea if the target is already afflicted by it.). It also rolls to dim the target and will cause vomiting.
    • This special action works well with means of inflicting strong poison status ailment on targets such as Touch of Poison and bottles of poison.
    • Won't work well on targets immune to poison status ailment.
[New item]
  • bomb barrel
    • Made via item fusion. Not randomly generated and is a junk item.
    • It explodes when destroyed by fire.
    • Only up to 3 will explode/get destroyed by fire at a time even when stacked.
    • Consumable item. Damage dealt by explosion depends on the player's Disarm Trap and Gene engineer skills.



[Changes and additions]
  • The new Act III area is now called Aimwell as per [Noa's Etherwind] to prevent confusion. Changed some text to reflect this change.
  • Added 4 new evolutions.
  • Added 1 new NPC.
  • Added 8 new items.
  • Added 1 new special action.
  • Group Hypnosis special action now has an additional roll which will inflict low strength Nightmare if it succeeds. This roll is independent of the first roll that determines whether the target is put to sleep or not.
  • Decapitation special action was basically a wasted turn if the target was not at low health, so it will now deal a small amount of Dexterity-dependent damage before rolling to decapitate the target.
    • If target HP is not low enough for Decapitation to proc and target is afflicted by less than 10 turns of Dyspnea, it will now also inflict 3 turns of Dyspnea.
    • [These changes only affect the special action.] Other special actions that have a chance of decapitating their target and the equipment attribute remain the same.
  • Characters afflicted by Gravity status ailment can no longer evade traps. Trap disarming is still possible as the roll to disarm occurs before trap evasion.
  • Added pitfall traps to Nefia.
    • Characters that are not floating will be dealt danger level-dependent damage (reduced by DV) when they get caught in it. 2 turns of Invert status ailment is them applied to them if they are currently afflicted by less than 2 turns of Invert. The pitfall trap disappears after it triggers.
  • Pitfall traps can now be created by 'D'igging at your feet (except on the world map). Disarming pitfalls you created yield no experience.
  • New town board quest for defusing traps. There are variations of it that require filling in pitfalls and defusing land mines.
  • Fixed length getting inappropriately appended to some item names.
  • Fixed race spawning rules for Nefia getting ignored for extremely low danger levels, causing NPCs that are around level 10 to spawn.
  • Fixed hiring an adventurer, taking on an escort quest, getting caught by assassins, [saving the game], then loading it undoing the adventurer's placement on the map and crashing the game during the adventurer's turn. When updating the game from a previous version, the game will attempt to place [hired] adventurers somewhere on the current map during the first turn.
  • The unique NPC modifier no longer shortens the countdown for Death Word for pets.
  • Fixed hunting quests not getting cleared if the target monster's time has been stopped, and rendering the quest impossible to clear if the player exits the map while time is stopped. Time now will automatically start to run again after all targets have been defeated.

1.84: detailed changelogEdit

[New town board quest]
  • Trap removing
    • Comes up frequently in Derphy and Ludus.
    • They are named "Clean up mischief" and "Reasonable reason".
    • The former is to remove pitfalls and the latter for land mines.
    • You can either use Disarm Trap or plow through them to trigger them all (or even let NPCs do the triggering for you) - all these will count towards the quota.
    • Disarming pitfalls and mines you set will not count.
    • Strength of mines and pitfalls on the quest map will depend on quest difficulty.
    • Determination of whether the quota was met or not and thus if the quest is cleared happens when exiting the map.
    • The reward is a fame-dependent number of platinum pieces and a point-dependent number of dark fragments (capped at 30).
    • Exceeding 1.5 times the quota will also award a bronze coin.
    • These numbers are tentative and may be subject to further balancing and changes.
[New items]
  • mugi tea
    • Potion that has a low chance of getting randomly generated.
    • The "barley and wheat" recipe will produce 2 of these each time.
    • (Number of beer and whiskey produced by the recipe reduced from 3 to 2.)
    • Drinking it grants Healing skill experience.
  • cola
    • Potion that has a low chance of getting randomly generated.
    • Recovers 15sp when quaffed. Has a 1/2 chance of increasing weight by 1kg.
  • chewing gum
    • Food item that has a low chance of getting randomly generated.
    • Gangster NPCs may generate with it these in their inventory.
    • Recovers satiety by 1/20 of the default value.
  • gum remnant
    • Food item that never gets randomly generated. Generated after eating chewing gum or gum remnant, unblessed and uncursed.
    • Recovers satiety by 1/25 of the default value, i.e. infinite food.
  • ancient pottery
    • Furniture item available only through the clay craft recipe.
  • decorative pottery
    • Furniture item available only through the clay craft recipe.
  • bisque doll
    • Furniture item available only through the clay craft recipe.
    • Using it will cause a bisque doll to join you as a pet.
  • dark fragment
    • Low chance of getting randomly generated. Is a tool, not an ore.
    • In the future, a number of these can be used to learn stuff like special actions that activate traps.
    • For now, it's only good for selling off.
[New NPC]
  • bisque doll
    • Level 5 golem. Not randomly generated. Always female.
    • Uses Dancing Wire and Mist of Frailness.
[New evolutions]
  • little boy evolves with evolution heart into scout boy.
    • scout boy then evolves with another heart into battle boy, learning Killing Dance.
  • butler evolves with magic heart into sheep butler, learning Group Hypnosis.
  • bisque doll evolves with another evolution into bique dolls, learning Shadow rush.
[New special action]
  • Killing Dance
    • Learned upon level up if the Sexy Dance feat has been acquired and Evasion skill is 60 or greater.
    • Applies a buff of the same name. When attacked, the roll to dodge (dependent on Evasion) is applied an additional time.
    • If evasion succeeds (whether by Evasion or Greater Evasion), it deals a low amount of Evasion skill-dependent damage to the attacker.
    • It procs regardless of the distance between the attacker and the target. It also procs for every single hit of muti-hit attacks like Continuous attacks, but if the attacker dies before all hits are over, the target will take damage from the remaining hits.
    • Now used by romanesque (evolved from zombie girl), last dancer, grim reaper, and <Alsapia> the murderer mask.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 4 new types of random Nefia.
  • Made the types of monsters that spawn within random Nefia dependent on their type. Human, metal, god-types and random unique NPCs can spawn in every type.
  • Life attribute can now be raised with AP. 10 Life costs base Life x 2 + 300 AP. It costs an additional 300 AP for characters with the cArmour bit flag, and an additional 800 AP for cMetal. It cannot be raised when base Life is 300 or greater.
  • Added 6 new bird NPCs.
  • Added another 2 new NPCs.
  • Added 4 new items.
  • Added 1 new item fusion recipe.
  • Most food items no longer disappear when thrown if they don't get eaten by the target. This holds true even if they miss their target. Tofu and soybean, which are primarily attack items, are now reusable. Natto, butter, and yoghurt are exceptions, and will disappear when thrown.
  • Breakfast event will now recover hydration.
  • Instead of activating when the player's HP is less than half, Tactical Heal's Healing Rain will now activate when any character in the player's party has less than half HP left.
  • Characters other than the player will no longer change their target for 3 turns when Provoked, even if they get attacked. Unless, of course, that target is no longer on the map.
  • Pets no longer eat off the ground during Party Time!.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed throwing a stack of food items reducing that stack by 2.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when attempting to draw an undead that has been remodeled with <Part time worker> the red sword's figure.
  • Fixed purge mode not actually having a 1% minimum for all potentials.

1.83: detailed changelogEdit

[New types of random Nefia]
  • Nest
    • Mining will yield shit, egg, jerky, and rarely something fossil.
    • Harvesting will yield animal-type materials more often.
  • Cemetery
    • Mining will yield large bouquet, rag doll, coffin, and rarely book of resurrection.
    • Harvesting will yield plant-type materials more often.
  • Mine
    • Mining will yield clay, sulfur, black crystal, and rarely stardust.
    • Harvesting will yield ore-type materials more often.
  • Lake
    • Mining will yield ores.
    • Harvesting will yield liquid materials more often.
[Races that spawn in random Nefia]
  • The NPCs that spawn are determined by race. They were split up so that each type of Nefia has a roughly equal number of races in it; whether it felt like they belonged or not was secondary to that.
  • Cave: 8 races
    • beast, yeek, kobold, orc, goblin, bear, bacteria, medusa
  • Forest: 8 races
    • horse, bird, beetle, mandrake, sheep, ent, dinosaur, fairy
  • Tower: 7 races
    • drake, cupid, armor, mazin, eye, hand, asura
  • Forest: 7 races
    • giant, machine, behicle, lizardman, quickling, mutant, piece
  • Nest: 8 races
    • dragon, wasp, spider, snake, worm, largeanimal, minotaur, rabbit
  • Cemetery: 7 races
    • wisp, imp, ghost, skeleton, zombie, lich, cat
  • Mine: 7 races
    • golem, rock, bat, slime, rat, dog, harpy
  • Lake: 7 races
    • seamonster, shell, frog, yith, snail, mushroom, spirit
[New items]
  • butler's diary
    • Low chance of getting randomly generated and purchasable with music tickets.
  • something fossil
    • Obtained only by mining. Lv and thus sell price increases with danger level.
    • In the future, you will be able to regenerate NPCs from the fossils [with their level] dependent on the fossil's Lv, and fossils will count towards a museum's score.
  • sulfur
    • Obtained only by mining in mine Nefia. Used in item fusion.
  • clay
    • Obtained only by mining in mine Nefia. Used in item fusion.
[New item fusion recipes]
  • sulfuric
    • Creates 8 blessed bottles of sulfuric.
  • Under development
    • NB: Japanese name is Regenerate Creature (unimplemented).
    • Not yet implemented. Nothing will happen.
  • Under development
    • NB: Japanese name is Pottery (under development).
    • Not finished yet. Wood craft/stone craft, but for clay. Stove does not get consumed.
    • The repertoire of items producible and their sell price increases with skill level.
    • Will only produce 4 types of items for now, and will only produce open pots early on. Their sell price will increase with skill level though.
    • Will make things like bisque dolls and haniwa in the future.
  • Under development
    • NB: Japanese name is Barrel bomb (unimplemented)
    • Not yet implemented. Nothing will happen.
[New NPCs]
  • butler
    • Level 10 mazin. Not randomly generated. Joins you as a pet after reading butler's diary. Suitable for riding.
    • Healing Rain on low health. Uses Concentration, Regeneration, and when the enemy's power gauge is 90% or above, Pressure.
  • old butler
    • mazin with a base level of 1. Secret character. No cHorse bit flag. Clash Rush on low health.
    • Uses Dancing Wire, Zero shoot, Speed, and Feather.
  • inconeet
    • Level 15 bird. Uses Incognito and idle during its turn.
  • arrow duck
    • Level 44 bird. Floats. Uses Eye of Insanity and Insult.
  • yokoshima enaga
    • Level 71 bird. Floats. Cure of Eris on low health.
    • Magic Dart, Darkness Bolt, Eye of brainwashing, and Bewitch.
  • forest assassin
    • Level 128 bird. Floats. Shadow Step, Eye of Illusion, Space retention, decapitation.
  • fallen bird
    • Level 142 bird. Bonus to Riding skill. Hyper Dash, Continuous attacks.
  • peace maker
    • Level 163 bird. Floats. Nuclear Fire, Cowering Smile.



[Changes and Additions]
  • Added 1 new map for Act III.
  • Added 1 new Act III sub quest.
  • Added 4 new NPCs.
  • Managed to get permission, so restored the art on the ground of the mansion of younger sister.
  • Added 3 new special actions. 1 of them can be learned by the player.
  • Using Resolution Hand will now give a small amount of Alchemy experience.
    • When using it after Touch of Sleep, there is now another chance to put the target to sleep after applying the additional damage from this move.
    • When using it after Touch of Weakness on a unique NPC, the additional damage will now get applied instead of getting negated.
  • Made it possible to throw all food items.
    • When food items that don't have special effects are thrown and hit hungry characters, they will get eaten within that turn.
    • When this happens, there is a chance that 10 turns of Dyspnea will be applied to that character. When throwing mochi at characters other than the player character, this effect will take precedence over the chance of applying Choked.
    • If the food item hits a character who isn't hungry, it will deal weight-dependent damage.
    • Like natto, food items thrown will disappear whether they hit their target or not. Chestnuts are the only exception to this rule.
    • This feature can be used to feed NPCs cursed or poisoned food, or to shove food down the throats of pets who are slow to eat.
    • Or you could pretend to be a certain plumber and defeat enemies by throwing turtles and vegetables at them.
    • You can also change the sex of non-pet NPCs by throwing forbidden meat at them.
  • Added Dyspnea status ailment as a milder version of Choked. Made the status ailment display for the Japanese version slightly wider to accommodate the longer name.
    • Dyspnea will not disable actions, but the character will stagger while moving and also take damage over time.
    • Choked will now disable all actions and also do damage over time.
  • Fixed the (Need sleep) item attribute.
  • Fixed Choked status ailment not going away even when the status ailment's strength has decreased naturally with time to the point that the character is able to breathe.

1.82: detailed changelogEdit

[New Act III sub quest]
  • <Karavika>
    • NB: Mission from Karavika Lv150.
    • Can be done once on the 30th of every month at any time of the day.
    • BGM on the quest map is picked out of a list of 5.
    • Number of types of enemies and their spawning patterns increase with the number of turns passed.
    • Clearing it for the first time will award the player with the <Melodyus>.
    • The reward for the second time onwards is a jewel of tear of god. 4 possible equipment attributes.
[New Act III map]
    • Southwest of Zaile.
    • Has a large number of enemies and not much else. 3 small medals.
    • Might add a minor event here in the future.
[New NPCs]
  • oblivion beast
    • Level 188 servant. Not randomly generated. Floats. Heal Critical on low health.
    • Uses Eye of dimness, Shadow Step, and Memory Poison.
  • vestiges
    • Level 1 ghost. Not randomly generated. Does nothing.
  • S boy
    • Base level 1, karune. Secret character. Suitable for riding.
    • Heal Critical on low health.
    • Uses Eye of dimness, Blame Pain, and Thread of Innervation.
  • little boy
    • Level 6 karune. Randomly generated neutral NPC. Suitable for riding.
    • Will have evolutions in the future. No special actions.
    • The counterpart of the little girl, but cannot be chosen as the starting pet as that might take away the shock factor of that option.
[New special actions]
  • Memory Poison
    • Deals poison damage to the target. (Strength of poison status ailment inflicted is low and of a fixed value.)
    • Temporarily decreases the target's attributes by 50 each. Does not decrease the attributes of unique NPCs.
    • Does not deal much damage, but lowering Speed and maximum HP (due to the decrease in Constitution) makes it a deadly one-two punch.
    • Maile and Nagarew will now use this instead of Data Delete.
  • Data Delete
    • Used to be a temporary special action, but is now a gauge attack that procs off Memory Poison. Does not deal damage.
    • Permanently decreases the attributes of the target by 1, and sets power gauge to 0 if it is 1 or above. Cannot be avoided by any means.
  • Send throw
    • Learned when leveling up and Throwing skill is 40 or above and Dexterity is 60 or above. Also learned when leveling up when Jiu-jitsu feat has been acquired and Dexterity is 60 or above.
    • Teleports the target but will work even if the target is prevented from teleportation. Will fail, however, if the target is afflicted with Immobility status ailment.
    • If the target NPC is currently targeting a character, the NPC will get moved to a tile that is the NPC's preferred distance from its target.
    • If the target NPC is not targeting another character, the NPC will get moved a tile so that its distance from the player is its preferred distance from targets.
    • The NPC will get placed on nearby tile if there is already another character on it.
    • Does not deal damage to the target. Resets the chain counter to 0.
    • You can use this to reset combos to remove the damage penalty, send slow pets to their targets, or toss aside NPCs in your way.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 6 new Act III NPCs. They spawn only in the wilderness of the new world map.
  • Doubled the [number] of potions that can be quaffed before reaching the satiety limit and vomiting.
  • Items with a cooldown of 24 hours and longer will now require the player to sleep at least once before they can be reused.
    • Also, [items] that require the player to sleep once before they can be used again after visiting the Deep-sea castle will now display (Need Sleep) in their name.
  • Decreased the base power and SP cost of Violent Garden.
  • Increased the base size of goldfish, as the smaller ones were weighing 0.0s and had a size of 0cm.
  • Added a new door sprite - a single door. They are available as an option on the house board's "Change door type".
  • Fixed the code for extending the expiry date of fish on water tiles not being able to handle fish in the player's inventory, causing a crash. A couple of ways to avoid this in 1.80 is to put fish in the 4-dimensional pocket, cook them, or let them rot.
  • Fixed not obtaining the lump sum of money, bonus skill points, and special actions when switching the game mode to purge.
    • Updating the game will award these bonuses to all existing purge mode save files - this applies to games that were purge mode to begin with and those that were switched to purge mode during gameplay.
  • Fixed [astral light pen copies of] a certain unique NPC getting rendered unconscious by a story event every turn.

1.81: detailed changelogEdit

[New NPCs]
  • rabbit
    • Level 27 rabbit. Non-hostile. No special actions.
  • fox
    • Level 28 dog. Non-hostile. No special actions.
  • rat
    • Level 20 rat. Non-hostile. No special actions. Is a different NPC from an existing monster.
  • boar
    • Level 49 largeanimal. Non-hostile. No special actions.
  • wolf
    • Level 55 dog. Homing AI. No special actions.
  • lion
    • Level 60 cat. Homing AI. No special actions. Is a different NPC from an existing monster.



[Changes and additions]
  • Made slight changes to the sprites of some NPCs.
  • Made it possible to irreversibly switch the game mode of an existing save to an easier one. Added a new map and new unique NPC to southern edge of North Tyris.
  • Added 1 new item. Added the item fusion recipe to make it.
  • Made strength of Choked status ailment [have a chance of] decreasing every turn.
    • When it reaches 0 or below and the character is still alive, then the status ailment is cured.
    • NPCs will bash only if the strength of Choke is above a certain threshold. Decreased base damage for bash.
    • Characters will now take Choke damage only if the strength of Choke is above a certain threshold. The damage is no longer a fixed value, and is now Constitution-dependent.
    • Groundwork for a Choke attack.
  • When getting doused in a potion or stepping into a puddle made by one, it now increases satiety and hydration by only 1/5 of the original values. This should be useful in some situations.
  • Decreased the amount of hydration gained from drinking water sources like fountains. The hydration gain is now the same as that for potions.
  • Hydration now decreases to the point where there is no status indicator when producing urine, no matter how high the hydration was before that.
  • Added an option in the settings to turn off waste matter generation.
    • NB: "Block dust generation".
    • When off, it stops the generation of vomit when vomiting, ranch animals no longer produce shit, and urine is no longer produced when Marking is used or a character wets himself.
    • This is for people who found it too gross even as a game.
    • It does not turn off their random generation, so guards will still want other people's shit by fair means or foul sometimes.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when leaving the current map.
  • Fixed the shop's item sale limit and the experience bonus earned by setting the limit not working when the player character is not in the shop.
  • Fixed not being able to use the Resurrection spell on the dead even after changing maps.
  • Fixed the sound effect for attacking getting played for slip damage like poison and bleed when the options under Attack Animation have been turned on.

1.80: detailed changelogEdit

[New Act I map]
  • Devil Cape
    • Located east of the North Tyris south border checkpoint, in an area that was previously empty.
    • No background music here, only ambient sound effects.
    • Talk to Bysymlha to change your game mode.
    • The following game mode changes are possible:
    • Abnormal -> Loss -> Natural -> Essential -> Overdose -> Purge
    • Intermediate game modes can be skipped, but game modes on the right can not be switched to a more difficult one on the left.
    • There is no auto-save for this so you can still [close the game without saving then] load if you picked the wrong choice, but do note that if the original game mode had a game loading penalty it will get applied.
[New unique NPC]
  • <Bysymlha> the amber eyes
    • Level 66 imp. Float bit flag.
    • Uses Abyss in the eye, Eye of Illusion, Eye of brainwashing, and Nether Breath.
[New item]
  • encount canceller
    • A potion that is not randomly generated. Can be made with item fusion.
    • Using it as a 't'ool will prevent monster ambushes on the world map.
    • It will not prevent other encounters like rogue attacks and wandering vendors.
    • Using another encount canceller while one is already in effect will not add their remaining number of turns; it will be set to 100 again.
    • Is a poison when quaffed.

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