Version 1.17 (Beta) 2010/04/10/2010

Beta versions are released for the purpose of finding bugs. There's pretty much nothing in South Tyris for now.
If you are going to use your previous save-game, please save your game in a town before updating the game.

[Changes and additions]
  • Added several items including furnitures.
  • Added Fury and Berserk status ailments. While furious, damage received and dealt is doubled.
  • Material harvesting spots no longer appear on the world map. (Materials will be removed from the game entirely in the future.)
  • Changed the terrain and appearance of parts of North Tyris. Locations on inaccessible tiles on the world map will now automatically move to the nearest empty tile when loading the world map. If your house gets dunked in water or stuck on an island, you will unfortunately have to reload the map.
  • Added border facilities and a map of South Tyris. Note that South Tyris is totally empty right now.
  • Fixed and improved shadows cast by items.
  • (Japanese Version) Added several tones of voices for NPCs.
  • Replaced some graphics of items and map tiles.
  • The amount of money required for thieves' guild quest has been increased. Platinum coins given upon completing the guild quests have been slightly decreased.
  • The minimum cast success rate has been changed from 5% to 0%. Harvest and Wish spells now increase in casting difficulty as their spell levels increase.
  • Dying during a quest will now cause Will and Charisma to decrease slightly. If the player survives but fails the quest, there will be no [attribute] penalty.
  • The amount of money a wallet contains no longer depends on player's level.
  • Guards will now become suspicious if you give them wallets frequently.
  • Rebalanced the rate of item sales dependent on Negotiation skill of the shopkeeper at the player's shop. Negotiation skill experience received by shopkeepers is now tripled.
  • Dominate spell can no longer be used in the Void.
  • Like other NPCs, adventurers will be also able to call guards or attack you if you fail to steal.
  • Significantly increased the Performing skill threshold required to perform successfully.
  • Shopkeepers will refresh their inventories after 7 days instead of 3 days.
  • Cats and dogs have a hand instead of an arm now.
  • Other small balance adjustments.


  • Fixed a bug where the graphics of CNPCs were corrupted if you had more than 33 of them.
  • Several bugs related to the holy festival have been fixed.
  • Fixed potion swapping. (NB: The exploit where you could make NPCs drink any potion.)
  • Fixed some calculations that could potentially overflow.
  • Fixed CNPCs being able to use moves like Wish in their low health AI routine.
  • Fixed high level items getting generated in shelters. (NB: Thus allowing the player to abuse shelters and farm items.)
  • (Japanese Version) Fixed a bug where portrait graphics in cut-scenes were corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where you were given a random religion at the beginning of the game.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.
  • (English Version) Fixed the dialogue of the secret event of Lomias and Larnneire.

Special thanks: saladさん, ろりんげさん, 何処かの誰かさん, uonaさん, unyoさん, Annaさん, ゲストさん, and everyone!
SPECIAL special thanks: Elvenspirit (mapper)!


Version 1.17(開発版) 2010/04/10


  • 家具などのアイテムを幾つか追加。
  • 怒り・狂乱状態の追加。怒っている間、ダメージと被ダメージが倍に。
  • 採取ポイントはグローバルマップに出現しないように。(マテリアル自体を廃止予定)
  • ノースティリスの地形とグラフィックを一部変更。グローバルマップ読み込み時に、移動不能タイルの上の施設は、自動的に最寄の空き地に移動されます。万一家などが水没したり、孤島に上陸してしまった場合は、すみませんがロードし直して下さい。
  • 一部のアイテムグラフィックを置き換え(まだ途中)。
  • 関所とサウスティリスのマップの追加。サウスティリスはまだ工事中です。
  • アイテムの影の描写の改善。
  • 新エリア追加にあわせ、NPCの口調をいくつか追加。
  • 盗賊ギルドのノルマ金額を上昇。ギルドのノルマ達成によるプラチナの報酬を減少。
  • 魔法の成功率の下限を5%から0%に変更。また、収穫と願いの魔法は、レベル上昇と共に詠唱難度が上がるように。
  • クエスト中に死亡すると、意思と魅力が少し下がるように。クエストに失敗しても生存していればペナルティなし。
  • 財布の中身の金額は、PCレベルに依存しなくなるように変更。
  • 頻繁に財布をガードに届けているとあやしまれるように。
  • プレイヤーの店の店員の交渉スキルによる売り上げ修正の調整。また、店員の交渉スキルの取得経験値を従来の3倍に。
  • すくつでは支配の魔法は使えないように変更。
  • 冒険者は窃盗をかなり見咎めるように。
  • 演奏の成功に必要な演奏スキルの値を若干上昇。
  • 店の在庫の更新期間を3日から7日に変更。
  • 種族、猫と犬の腕部位を手に変更。
  • その他、些細なバランス調整。
  • 33体目以降のCNPCのグラフィックが正しく表示されないバグの修正。
  • ノイエル聖夜祭関連のバグの修正。
  • 「ポーションすり替え」の修正。
  • 幾つかのオーバーフローの可能性のある計算式の修正。
  • CNPCの瀕死時の行動に、願いなどの行動が設定できるバグの修正。
  • シェルターで高レベルのアイテムが生成されるバグの修正。
  • メインストーリーでのキャラポートレートが、全てface.1になるバグの修正。
  • ゲーム開始後に勝手に信仰が設定されるバグの修正。
  • その他、細かい修正と追加。

Thanks! saladさん、ろりんげさん、何処かの誰かさん、uonaさん、
Special Thanks: Elvenspirit (マッパー)

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