Changelog (E) Edit

Version 1.16 reloaded fix 1

This is a version that fixes custom NPCs.
There are apparently some system-dependent bugs that are hard to reproduce - if you can, please submit a report with as many details as possible.

  • Custom NPCs created in ver 1.16 reloaded may not get loaded properly.
  • The number of adventurers has been reduced by 1, so please make sure that no adventurers are hired when updating the game.
  • An error message may display if the file name or password of a custom NPC is too long. If you see an error message like this, please tell me your Windows version and the file name that resulted in that error.
[Changes and additions]
  • Changed the contents of export.txt. Please delete export.txt from previous versions. Uploaded files can now be deleted.
  • Incorporated the Uploader into elona.exe.
  • Deleted sqlite.dll which was included by mistake.
  • Customizable spoken lines of custom NPCs now includes chat dialogue.
  • You can now throw things at statues of Creator on user maps. (Will also work on statues of Creator that you brought into the user map at the moment.)
  • Capped some attributes of custom NPCs.
  • Custom NPCs can no longer be shades.
  • Improved debug code and made them display more information during crashes.
  • The instant identification from Sense Quality will now sense up to item quality. Sense Quality will work to completely identify items in the inventory of the player.
  • Added "hide_autoIdentify." and "hide_shopResult." to config.txt.
  • Food (like crops) that town maps start off with will now always be regenerated when the town map refreshes.
  • The hungry sea lion will no longer touch food mixed with love potions.
  • NPCs will no longer accept dangerous potions (except when impregnated by aliens).
  • Fixed karma getting reduced when attacking custom NPCs that are hostile due to their "relation." value.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred sometimes due to the "resist." and "bit." values of custom NPCs.
  • Fixed custom NPCs not selecting their proper lines to speak.
  • Fixed being able to pick up summoning crystals placed in showrooms.
  • Fixed the line of sight of bolt spells.
  • Fixed graphical glitches.
  • Other minor fixes.

Special thanks: the usual folk and everyone!

Changelog (J) Edit

Version 1.16 reloaded fix 1


  • export.txtの中身を変更。このversion以前のexport.txtは削除してください。アップロードしたファイルの削除が可能に。
  • Uploaderをelona.exeに組み込み。
  • 間違えて混入していたsqlite.dllの削除。
  • カスタムNPCとカスタム口調では、チャットダイアログの文章も追加できるように。
  • おまけ:ユーザーマップで創造主の像にいろいろと物を投げつけられるように(現在は持ち込みでも使用可)。
  • カスタムNPCの一部の能力を制限。
  • カスタムNPCはシェイドにならないように。
  • 異常終了時のデバッグコードの追加と表示の強化。
  • 自然鑑定の即時鑑定で判明するのは品質までに変更。ただし所持していると完全鑑定まで判明するように。
  • "hide_autoIdentify."と"hide_shopResult."をconfig.txtに追加。
  • 街に最初からある食品類(農作物)などは、街の再生成時に必ず再生成されるように。
  • 大食いトドは媚薬入りの食品に手を付けなくなるように。
  • NPCは危険なポーションを受け取らないように。(エイリアン寄生時をのぞく)
  • カスタムNPCの"relation."の値を敵対にしても、攻撃するとカルマが減少するバグの修正。
  • カスタムNPCの"resist.","bit."の値によって異常終了することがあるバグの修正。
  • カスタムNPCの台詞が正しく選択されないバグの修正。
  • ショウルームに設置された召喚石を拾うことができるバグの修正。
  • ボルト魔法のlosを修正。
  • グラフィックのグリッチなどを修正。
  • その他細かい修正。

Thanks! いつもの方 みなさん

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