Changelog (E) Edit

Version 1.04 (Stable)

The economy and card systems are unfinished, so the next few releases will likely be focused on development of those two features.

If you own properties near towns, you will be able to move them elsewhere when updating.

[Changes and additions]
  • Save files from newer versions will no longer be loaded by older versions.
  • Decks can now be built and their contents will be saved. (They have no purpose other than for viewing for the time being however.)
  • (AR) Fixed the crash that occurred when checking if a quest has been completed.
  • (AR) Fixed several overflow issues.
  • Fixed NPCs that spawned from splitting off an original NPC that was being ridden by the player also being marked as being ridden.
  • Fixed buffs and debuffs sometimes not getting reset when the player revives.
  • Fixed the power of the equipment attributes of weapons that grow.
  • Fixed the coordinates at which NPCs' monster parts like bone fragments drop at.
  • When the target of a quest is captured, a check is now done to see if the quest is cleared or not.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches.
  • Fixed some overflow issues with respect to character status.
  • Fixed the player's karma getting deducted when NPCs get killed when the player is not involved in their deaths.
  • Other minor fixes and additions.

Special thanks: 名も無き冒険者さん

Changelog (J) Edit

Version 1.04(安定版)



  • 新しいバージョンのセーブは古いバージョンでは読み込めないように。
  • デッキを組み、デッキの内容を保存できるように。


  • (AR) クエスト達成のチェックで異常終了するバグの修正。
  • (AR) 幾つかのオーバーフローを修正。
  • 乗馬中の生き物が分裂した時、乗馬のフラグもコピーされてしまうバグの修正。
  • 生き返った時など強化・弱化魔法がリセットされないことがあるバグの修正。
  • 成長する武器のエンチャントの威力を修正。
  • NPCの骨片などの残骸のドロップする位置の修正。
  • クエスト対象を捕獲した時も、クエスト成否のチェックを行うように。
  • 幾つかのグラフィックのグリッチを修正。
  • 幾つかのステータス関係のオーバーフローを修正。
  • プレイヤー関与以外のNPC殺害時にプレイヤーのカルマが減少するバグの修正。
  • その他、細かい修正と追加。

Thanks! 名も無き冒険者さん

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