Cat House Lv25
C366-Tam-the-cat-hater elonaplus
Tam of Yowyn asked me to eliminate the cats in his house. The house is located southern part of Yowyn.
Quest giver Tam the cat hater
Location East Inn of Yowyn
Rec. level 25
Requirements None
Task Kill all the monsters in the Tam's house (Cat Mansion).
Reward Dragon Scale material kit
25500 gold
4 platinum

Cat house is a quest from Tam the cat hater. Evil cats are invading his house. Clean his house from these evil cats.


Enter the cat hater's house, a separate map accessed from a staircase in southern Yowyn, and slay all of the enemies present. At first there are just cats (which are, strangely enough, hostile to begin with). Later, one runs into carbuncles and then lions. In the final room, one will encounter several lions and carbuncles, and the boss of the level, Cacy the cat tamer. The cat tamer can summon monsters, and also summons cats. However, the cat tamer usually just summons low-level cats which are generated neutral and do not need to be slain to complete the quest.

Note that the cat tamer is one of the few reliable sources of silver cats, one of which is needed to complete the Mia's Dream Level 1 quest.

Several seeds, food, and furniture can be found in the house that can be freely taken. Additionally, there is a secret room containing a treasure map, small medal, love potion, and spellbook of Incognito that can be found by digging to the right of the final room.

Journal UpdatesEdit

Tam of Yowyn asked me to eliminate the cats in his house. The house is located southern part of Yowyn.
I've freed Tam's house from the cats. To get the reward, I need to speak Tam again in Yowyn.


Hey you, are you..uh...alright with cats? Well, those filthy...they creatures took over my house. I've been asking adventurers to clean up the cats from my house ever since but none returned. What's happening in my house? You...can you take a look inside my house?
No problem.
Thank God. My house is south from hear. Be careful, for it is unknown what inhabits my home.
None of my business
Is my home safe from cats?
What? An evil cat tamer? My God...I have no idea why such a creature took over my home. But uh...thanks anyway.
Well...actually...I found this inn more comfortable than my house.

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