Cats are neutral NPCs you will find in low level areas.

A cat will also be available to select as your first pet. The level of this pet is two thirds of your level, rounded down, plus one.

As pets, their poor growth means that you will outgrow their usefulness fairly quickly.

Eating a cat corpse nets you a -5 karma hit and the message "Who would eat a cat!!" will be displayed.


In Elona+, cats have two stages of evolution. They can be evolved into a Twintail and then evolved further into a White Tiger.

First StageEdit

Cats can be evolved into a Twintail using an <evolution heart>, gaining 10 dexterity, 20 speed, and a new sprite.

Note: This is not the same as Twintail found in Truce Ground or Old War Ground which cannot be evolved.

Second StageEdit

The first stage can be evolved again into a White Tiger using a <god heart>, gaining 20 strength, 5 dexterity, 20 will, 50 speed, and a new sprite.


Flavor TextEdit




"Vrei sa pleci dar♪"
"Numa numa numa yay!!"
"Mai-Ya-Ha Ma Mi A♪"


"Mew mew!"
"Meow meow."




  • cardca creates a card of cat.
  • figureca creates a figurine of cat.


The sprite number for the cat is 253.


The random lyrics the cats sing as flavor text when drunk is from "Dragostea din tei".

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