Carpentry is a constitution based skill to craft rods or cargo. A carpenter's tool is required to produce carpentry items.

Material quality of the produced item varies and it is possible to produce Great, Miracle, and Godly quality items with this skill.

Starting with the version 1.46 patch, pets with the carpentry skill can produce armor if the playable character goes to sleep and wakes up between 4 - 11 am. The character receives the prompt "[Pet] has stayed up all night crafting armor" and a piece of gear is dropped.

Crafted itemsEdit

Product Skill Materials
Rod of cure minor wound 1 Stick x 1, Red Weed x 4, Adhesive x 1
Rod of magic missile 1 Stick x 1, Iron Fragment x 4, Magic Fragment x 2
Rod of teleportation 5 Stick x 1, Bird's Feather x 4, Floating Weed x 2
Rod of identify 8 Stick x 1, Witch's Eye x 2, Memory Fragment x 2
Cargo of barrel 8 Driftwood x 6, Branch x 4, Charcoal x 4
Cargo of noble toy 11 Thick Wood x 3, Fine Stone x 2, Fairy Dust x 1
Cargo of coffin 12 Thick Wood x 5, Curse Weed x 2, Angel's Tear x 1
Rod of ice bolt 14 Curved stick x1, Ice stone x5, Snow x5
Rod of fire bolt 14 Curved stick x1, Fire stone x5, Magic fragment x2
Cargo of grave 15 Pebble x8, Iron fragment x5, Fine stone x2
Rod of lightning bolt 17 Curved stick x1, Discharging stone x5, Adhesive x1


A (rather large) number of craftable items were added in Elona+, some of which are used in the artifact fusion system. 

The materials needed to make some items have been changed as well, making them easier to produce. Furthermore, since this skill can produce Miracle/Godly quality items, it's also possible to create Living or Eternal Force versions of the weapons that are now craftable using this skill, and may even be the easiest way to obtain weapons bearing those traits.

In addition to the items listed below, carpentry is used in some recipes for items that can by made by using the pot for fusion.

Product Skill Materials Notes
Rod of Cure minor wound 1 Stick x1, Red Weed x2, Adhesive x1
Rod of Magic missile 1 Stick x1, Magic Fragment x1
Rod of Teleportation 5 Stick x1, Bird's Feather x1, Shining Weed x1
Rod of Identify 8 Stick x1, Memory Fragment x2
Cargo of Barrel 8 Driftwood x2, Branch x2, Charcoal x2
Waste art 10 Garbage x100 50 000 gp base cost, can be sold.
Hibachi 10 Charcoal x100, Fire Stone x2 Artifact fusion item (adds cold res)
Murder CD 10 Yelling Madman x100, Discharging Stone x2

Artifact fusion item (adds sound res)

Lamp Plant 10 Shining Weed x100, Branch x2 Artifact fusion item (adds dark res)
Mind disc 10

Human gene x100, Memory fragment x2

Artifact fusion item (adds mind res)
Cargo of Noble toy 11 Thick Wood x3, Fine Stone x2
Cargo of Coffin 12 Thick Wood x3, Curse Weed x2
Rod of Ice bolt 14 Curved Stick x1, Ice Stone x1, Snow x2
Rod of Fire bolt 14 Curved Stick x1, Fire Stone x1, Magic Fragment x2
Cargo of Grave 15 Pebble x6, Iron Fragment x3, Fine Stone x2
Rod of Lightning bolt 17 Curved Stick x1, Discharging Stone x1, Adhesive x1
Rod of Change creature 20 Branch x2, Witch's Eye x1, Red Weed x2
Disc 20 Generator x1, Howling Weed x1, Memory Fragment x1 Produces a random BGM disc
Spear 22 Driftwood x1, Mithril Fragment x2, Iron Fragment x2
Rod of Uncurse 25 Vein x3, Witch's Eye x1, Thick Wood x1
Rod of Healing hands 30 Curved Stick x1, Hot water x2, Red Weed x2
Lightsabre 35 Generator x2, Fairy Dust x2, Ether Fragment x1 Easiest way of obtaining a Lightsabre
Rod of Mana 40 Curved Stick x1, Magic Mass x2, Witch's Eye x2
Rod of Lightning ball 40 Driftwood x1, Thick Wood x2, Discharging Stone x3
Rod of Eclipse 45 Curved Stick x1, Black Mist x2, Mithril Fragment x3

Trained skillEdit

You may learn Carpentry from the trainers in Yowyn and Derphy.



  • None

Carpentry by pets in Elona+Edit

If you wake up in the morning (between dawn and noon) and you have any pets with soul-mate relationship in your party that have the Carpentry skill, it will make a piece of armor. Other pets meeting the requirements will contribute half their number to the primary pet. The equipment is always a blessed, high quality one, and higher levels of the crafting skill allows your pet to craft different types of gear (one new type available every 10 levels). Pets don't use tools and make equipment out of nothing.

Pets may craft anything in their current skill tier and lower. Here's the complete list:

Equipment Skill
Round shield 1+
Knight helmet 10+
Neck guard 20+
Plate girdle 30+
Chain mail 40+
Armored boots 50+
Tower shield 60+
Composite helm 70+
Plate gauntlets 80+
Plate mail 90+


  • #carp will increase Carpentry by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #ntry will increase Carpentry by 1 level and train its potential.

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