• Victoria Iris

    I sprite things.

    June 20, 2017 by Victoria Iris
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  • Piroco

    Happy New Year~

    January 2, 2017 by Piroco

    Happy New Year everyone~

    Hope this comes to be a great year for all of you.

    Slightly off topic, have you made resolutions? Normally I don't but lately I've been more determined to become a writer. If you wan't I could post those roleplaying Elona stories I mentioned in my profile, but I understand if it's not to the liking of this community (it's still fanfiction... Plus it can be taken as self-promotion, which is in bad taste).

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  • Piroco

    A.k.a "Piroco's Stat and Skill training for dummies, Elona Custom edition". Had I known this would be such a general guide I would have named it that.

    This guide is meant to list some methods for effective stat and skill training, based on general observations. None of the methods has been evaluated with Elosnack. For this reason, if you find any errors in the list, please add it to the comments.


    Can only be used on the PC, pets will equip the items instead.

    As Elona+ added innate stat bonuses to specific types of equipment, these can now be exploited for stat training. Since only the PC can eat raw equipment, you can preserve other stat training foods for your pets or to eat at a later time, …

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  • ARottenLecho

    Translation Work

    September 21, 2016 by ARottenLecho

    Current project: AA changelog.

    Don't expect too much, but we'll take our time and see what we see.

    ver0.25 9/10

    ・Added new characters, complete with their own fully-implemented cards, corpses, and figurines. However, any character encountered in older versions won't drop their unique memorobilia outside of a certain city.
    It is also possibly to wish for the figurines or cards, but they or their drops may eventually be added to a new version, with a different name.

    ・Fixed a bug in how FFHP handles relations for a second time. The fixed wells outside of towns were pretty amusing.

    ver0.24 8/31

    ・Fixed instances of itemEx.csv not loading correctly.

    ・Eating when satieted has a tremendous effect on weight.

    ・The training machine now has an associated diet …

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  • ARottenLecho

    Hi, folks: This is something I've wanted to do since the game began.

    And since there's no better time then the present...

    I'd like to present to you my expanded dialogue pack! Compatible with E+ 1.61 with Custom! All you should have to do is copy the talk file over, and it should run just fine.

    Installation Guide: Extract the talk.txt from the above link. Place your new file in your elona>data folder, overwriting when asked. You can back up your original talk.txt file if you're unsure about the new dialogues; all you have to do is replace my talk.txt with your original file to 'uninstal' the modification.

    Current Version: 0.21

    The goal of this addition is to make bumping into NPC's a lot less boring, while still feeling like you're encountering …

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  • Piroco

    Adventures on roguelikes

    September 17, 2016 by Piroco

    Elona was the first roguelike I ever played, and remains my favorite. Still, back then I became curious about the roguelike genre as a whole, so I got around checking other titles. The first thing I realized was that Elona is more like a RPG with sim aspects than pure roguelike, and is actually really easy for a roguelike (even when playing on Nightmare mode); the second is that the roguelike genre is almost completely dominated by western developers, indie developers at that, and Elona itself draws a lot from ADOM, a western title, which is a more adventure-driven type of game compared to most of the genre; the third is that roguelikes are really hardcore...

    So of course I got around playing a few. These are my personal opinions, and they in…

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  • ARottenLecho

    ... Or how to get strong, learn to appraise valuable goods, make ridiculous profits, and become popular doing it! - by 'Gilded' Letzow

    I know you're sick of long-winded guides that don't tell you anything, so relax! The moment you've began your dungeon-diving career is the perfect time to open a store. After scrimping up to buy a deed, plop it down and immediately set to work. The first thing you'll want to do is make your store an equipment store, meaning that you'll be selling rings, arms, and armor.

    This costs money, and you're going to spend a little more extending the shop's supply. Don't worry too much about this; there'll come a point where you simply can't supply enough items to meet demand; you will not be able to outpace your clerk, s…

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  • ARottenLecho

    Guide Masterlist

    September 17, 2016 by ARottenLecho

    Just a placeholder for various guides I'll write.

    Hopefully they'll prove of use to you, new adventurer or old (fairy) farmhand alike.

    This will be updated with version number, so you can find out if the strategy is current.

    • A Shopkeep's Guide to Daylight Robbery  (Effective as of E+ 1.61 w/Custom)

    Additions and the like:

    • A Rotten Lecho's Expanded Dialogue Pack (Works with E+ 1.61 w/Custom)
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  • Piroco

    I will be back

    September 2, 2016 by Piroco

    Hello there~

    RL has been really busy lately, still not done with college plus some drama with my former workplace, so I haven't played Elona for a long time. Added to that is that I seem to have lost my savefiles *again* after I changed to my current computer, hopefully my old files may still be somewhere in the old one.

    Seems like I might get some vacations after September, so I may catch up with the newest versions. Reading some of the changelogs there's seems to have been lots of bug fixes, new mechanics and advancement of the storyline, not to mention Anna's fabulous Elona Custom, which I still have to check out.

    BTW, what's this about Elona getting a Steam release? Saw something about that in one of the forum posts and Noa's page. Don't k…

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  • KajurN

    Pets guide

    June 30, 2016 by KajurN

    The guide can be found here: (Last updated 6/30/2016)

    My goal with this guide is to give other players an idea of what to expect when they decide to use certain pets. The Base/Potential ratings listed here are all opinion based and they are not absolute. You might find some pets to be better or worse depending on playstyle and progression. Keep in mind however that any pet on the game can be usable, and i am willing to edit this guide according to other players's experience with them. I am also open to debate, if you disagree with any ratings please post a valid argument on this blog's talk page and i'll change this guide accordingly.

    For now this guide does …

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  • DystD

    Some item sprites

    May 19, 2016 by DystD

    'Watch your step—ouch!' This is my first entry, I'm testing out how to submit images since it seems I can't upload this picture for my profile directly.

    This image is a derivative work, taking as a base the well from Elona item.bmp, item number 109, sprite 101. It's obviously a fanart from the Ring; I wasn't sure which license type to choose (but my guess would be copyrighted with fair use). It was made with Paint ... :P

    A few variations:

    I hope you like them. I'm not an expert in pixel art, as you can probably tell.

    If you want to use them, edit them with Paint and save as item_101.bmp (file type 24 bits bitmap), then copy it to your elona+/user/graphics folder. More details here:

    Till next time (…

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  • GunInEveryHome

    Wish Data

    March 13, 2016 by GunInEveryHome

    This data is made with extensive use of Cheat Engine.

    Elona+ Custom 1.55.2

    MAG:72, Casting: 103 - Wearing no spellpower enhancers

    Wish Spell Level Chance of Sucess
    -5 100%
    -4 91%
    0 45%
    1 34%
    401408 1%
    405504 1%
    407552 1%
    408832 1%
    408960 1%
    409024 1%
    409040 1%
    409041 100%
    409042 100%
    409044 100%
    409048 100%
    409056 100%
    409088 100%
    409600 100%
    425984 100%
    458752 100%

    At Casting 2000 (same MAG), the percentages are a lot better:

    Wish Spell Level Chance of Success
    -34 80%
    -33 81%
    0 93%
    20 100%
    2147483000 100%
    2147483324 100%
    2147483366 100%
    2147483386 100%
    2147483388 100%
    2147483391 100%
    2147483393 100%
    2147483394 100%
    2147483395 1%
    2147483396 1%
    2147483406 1%
    2147483486 1%

    At level -34, Wish 'costs' -15mp to cast.

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  • GunInEveryHome

    This is a direct rip off the Internet archive of old forums, about Elona's main story.

    [1]by sssssz on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:24 am

    While I was perusing Elona fansites in Korean Intertubes, I came across a translation of a Japanese synopsis of Elona's main story. Seeing as how this is a lost content from translation, I figured it would satisfy some people's curiosities to translate it to English. I'm aware (as you should be!) that this is a translation of a translation, so some points may have been misinterpreted... But, in any case, I've used multiple references to make this translation. Should be pretty good. :p

    The setting of the story is a world named Irva. After the rise and collapse of civilizations, it has arrived at its eleventh era, Sier…

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  • TankAirTuna


    February 11, 2016 by TankAirTuna

    While we're at it, why can't I add the list of invokes of available?

    Obviously, they're all limited to weapons. Decapitation is limited to melee weapons (when generated randomly), and Draw Shadow is limited to ranged weapons; all others can be recieved by any weapon.

    Id 'it invokes ...' ?? Weight? Chance of invoke 0 Element Scar 2000 1000 10
    1 Draw Shadow 2000 6000 50
    2 Nightmare 2000 1000 10
    3 Raging Roar 2000 800 12
    4 Chaos Ball 2000 600 12
    5 Lulwy's Trick 3000 400 2
    6 Dimensional Move 3000 1000 50
    7 Feather 3000 1000 2
    8 Lightning Breath 2000 1000 45
    9 Nerve Breath 2000 1000 45
    10 Nether Breath 2000 1000 45
    11 Divine Wisdom 3000 1000 4
    12 Holy Veil 3000 1000 4
    13 Hero 3000 1000 4
    14 Speed 3000 400 1
    15 Regeneration 3000 1000 3
    16 Holy Shield 3000 1000 2

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  • TankAirTuna


    February 10, 2016 by TankAirTuna

    Here be listing of all 68 enchantments items can have, sorted by rank. It's in another post because previous is already getting very big.

    Cursed items will recieve these.

    21 - causes random teleport

    45 - sucks blood of wielder

    46 - disturbs your growth

    47 - attracts monsters

    In the end, they're just not very useful.

    3 - decreases\improves your [skill]

    6 - maintains [stat]

    56 - catches signals from God

    59 - reveals religion

    1 - decreases\increases your [stat]

    7 - deals [element] damage

    9 - can be loaded with [ammo]

    22 - prevents you from teleporting

    23 - negates the effect of blindness

    25 - negates the effect of confusion

    26 - negates the effect of fear

    27 - negates the effect of sleep

    32 - floats you

    48 - prevents aliens from entering your body

    52 - decreases …

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  • TankAirTuna

    Item generation

    February 8, 2016 by TankAirTuna

    This is what blog posts are, right?

    So, item generation. Quite complex procedure that devolves into a few gosubs, vars and much headache. Here I will describe results of my continuing attemps to uncover mechanic behind all this. I don't understand what I'm doing about quarter of time, so there can be and probably will be mistakes.

    1. deffunc itemcreate int prm_518, int prm_519, int prm_520, int prm_521, int prm_522

    Here, prm_519 is ID of item (it'll get written into inv.s1 on offset 12, or var_99(3, id)), prm_520 is x coordinate, and prm_521 is y coordinate. prm_518 and prm_522... do something.

    In the start, nothing important happens before moving on to label_1897.

    For most of equipment, if rnd(5000) is less than your luck, var_580, responsible fo…

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  • Astraltor

    Guide to Snail

    January 25, 2016 by Astraltor

    Short guide/list of tips, tricks, and tactics specifically targetted at snail tourist martial artist. Many of these may be useful for other characters, but some (in the author's view) basic things have been left out. some parts may involve less pure actions that others may consider exploits and unfair.

    wip jan 29

    Character Creation

    This section details tips and factors to keep in mind while creating the snail.

    Of the basic attributes, Constitution is the biggest factor in the PC's HP, a little over twice as effective as Strength. Maximizing Constitution and Strength will lead to a slightly stronger snail.

    There are many feats, all of them unique, but some are more useful than others.

    • Dimensional Move is is a great Feat and ability, for only 15 s…

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  • NeithR

    Fast Attributes Training

    January 1, 2016 by NeithR

    Recently while playing Elona+, I have been focusing on improving my attributes instead of my level. I usually managed to increase all my attributes (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck) in less than 2 hours from Superb (200%+ potential) to Good by average 4 points. Currently, my attributes are currently above 200 without bonus and my current level is above 100. After all attributes become Good, I drank blessed potion of potentials.

    I also have tested with 380%+ all attributes potential (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck). In less than 2 hours, I managed to increase all attributes by 7 points from Superb to Great. Compared with the 200% potential before, I prefer the 380%+ since it boosted higher and faster than 200%+ (from Superb to Good) i…

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  • OttoOtteist
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  • Vareruma

    One thing that I've overlooked for a long time in Elona+ was the usefulness of equipment qualities. Higher quality items not only have more attributes, but also higher stats - damage, hit bonus, and DV/PV. (Also to keep in mind: Even if you reroll multiple times the same material on the same equip, you'll usually get different stats everytime.  For example, a good diamond sniper rifle may have its stats anywhere between 1d46 and 1d55, as shown below.)

    In order to further emphasize the difference between qualities, I made some tables to show the worst and best result you may get from rerolling the same material on the same item type, but each one with a different quality.

    The first table shows weapons' worst and best rerolls given the Diamond

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  • Vareruma

    Equipment material rerolls

    December 15, 2015 by Vareruma

    Equipment material can be changed by reading a scroll of inferior/change/superior material, but I've noticed that some materials are more likely to happen from others, regardless of the types of scrolls used. And I also wondered about the difference between blessed scrolls of change vs unblessed superior scroll.

    I've decided to run a test (Elona 1.52fix) to verify the behavior of material rerolling. The following results show the materials applied on a cloak by reading 250 scrolls of blessed change material, superior material and blessed superior material (each).

    Material B. Change # Superior # B. Superior #
    Dragon Scale 4 3 0
    Ether 5 10 15
    Adamantium 0 0 0
    Dawn Cloth 26 55 92
    Griffon Scale 19 49 66
    Rubynus 19 39 56
    Mithrill 8 0 0
    Chrome 5 6 0

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  • AnnaBannana

    With Elona Custom 1.51.4, two new systems will be added to the game - the first true additions to the Custom version that are anything more than simple code tweaks.

    The first is customizable AI - the ability to fine-tune your pet's AI routine to your liking. The second is the ability to teach pets spells and abilities that you already know.

    Did that get your attention? Then keep reading below to find out all about it!

    To instruct your pet on how to act, you'll need to (i)nteract with one of your pets, select Talk, and then choose the option "Let's talk about tactics." This will bring up a window that will be referred to from now on as the "Tactical Configuration Menu". The first time you open it, it'll look a little something like this: Image…

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  • Kosher pork

    Work in progress

    November 5, 2015 by Kosher pork

    Must perfect a guide for fame farming that doesn't turn into an inventory nightmare.

    Maybe work on other newbie guides.

    Need to enter certain additions for spells.

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  • Piroco

    For now, still absent

    October 3, 2015 by Piroco

    College caught up on me, badly...

    I haven't been playing Elona for some time now. Besides college some other games have caught my attention, and what little free time I have I use to play them (Rune Factory and Pokemon, actually).

    Also, virus. Fortunately I had a backup of my files and saves in a pent-drive so no loss there.

    Also game a quick read to Anna's Elona Custom page. Incredible job there Anna!! I hope to play it once I have more free time (or when I finish any of the aforementioned games...).

    So yeah, that's that for now...

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  • AnnaBannana

    Elona Custom

    August 24, 2015 by AnnaBannana

    Elona Custom is an attempt to enable and translate all features from the Japanese version of Elona Plus into English. English support in Elona Plus has been sporadic since its inception, so this project attempts to bring these things to the English audience.

    The current version is 1.57.2, which is based on Elonaplus 1.57.

    Latest Download: Elona Custom 1.57.2 (MEGA)

    Source included in the above link.

    The next release date is Friday, May 13th.

    Simply drop the files from the above download into your Elona+ 1.57 folder, overwriting as necessary. Make sure to run Elona.exe, not Elonaplus.exe.

    All builds are cross compatible with Elona+. You can move your saves from Elona Custom to the same or higher versions of Elona+ without issue, and can move save…

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  • Miyana

    Miyana's Custom NPCs

    August 18, 2015 by Miyana

    I finally got around to checking my CNPCs to fix the old buggy ones, so I figured I'd just throw up them here in case anyone else wants to use them.

    There are currently 107 CNPCs up to level 255. As I made most of them with a specific idea rather than an overall plan, some of them may have severe balance and quality issues, but for the most part they should be decent.

    A bestiary with monster name, level, race, class, and a short description can be found inside.

    While I've yet to have any crashes occur, it's possible an error I didn't see could pop up, so if a crash occurs please inform me here.

    Installation instructions are in the pack.

    If you have any questions or co…

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  • AnnaBannana

    (This project is essentially discontinued in lieu of the Elona+ custom builds.) - Aug 18, 2015

    Version 0.4 is now out! See the changelog below!

    Have you ever wanted to view the cutscenes from Elona like they appear in the game? In English? Well, now you can!

    I am happy to release the Elona Cutscene Viewer. It's still in Beta (feature complete), so there are probably plenty of quirks to iron out. However, it should be to a point where others can get some use out of it.

    Well, basically, it plays files that use Elona's scripting format in a way mostly-accurate to how they appear in-game. It also understands some additional tags so that branching dialogue can be implemented.

    In short, my purpose was to use this for adapting the Japanese only conten…

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  • Piroco

    Just noticed Harusame's pixiv account was deleted. Well NOW I'M SAD.

    Here's hoping all the Elona fanart was saved in Gelbooru (goes to browse).

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  • Piroco

    Word to the wise: Always make backups of you saves. Lost my old savefiles at least twice from blackouts and would have lost my current highest-level one if I hadn't made a backup.

    R.I.P Juere Thief lvl 62 and Fairy Pianist lvl 23

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  • SiamJai

    The recent addition of interactive Wikia Maps opened up a lot of possibilities, and some issues with it. Here I'll address some of these, and share my custom map pin icons to make starting new maps easier.

    The Elona Maps page shows all the existing Elona maps. This link is always shown in the website header, under the "On the wiki" tab (selected by default).

    This dedicated Maps Log shows only the changes done on Elona Maps.

    Click on the "Hide logs" link in the Recent changes options field, or use the following address:

    Insert hidelogs=1 in the feed url, and change ?feed=rss to &feed=rss at the end. Or simply update the feed url to the one shown below:…

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  • Zeofolium


    February 26, 2015 by Zeofolium

    Nothing could be worse me thinks thouth that set does give a good chunk of PV....

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  • Miyana

    Stat Template

    December 4, 2014 by Miyana

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  • Khym Chanur

    I've found that Elona runs pretty well on Linux under Wine. In some Linux setups there's a delay between pressing a key and the game responding. This can be fixed using xset to lower the "typematic delay". For instance:

    xset r rate 200 25

    works pretty well for me. You can then raise the delay to the default with:

    xset r rate Read more >
  • AnnaBannana

    Elona and Translations

    October 18, 2014 by AnnaBannana

    So, did you know? Essentially every item in Elona has a cool little description in the Japanese version that never got put into the English release.

    No, no, I'm not talking about the small little blurbs like "An alchoholic beverage made from crimberry." that you can see when inspecting a bottle of crim ale. The Japanese version has those too, of course, but what I'm talking about is an entirely seperate bit of flavor text that's tagged on to every item in the game. Typically, these are attributed to some type of organization or similar (such as to the "Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia" for static artifact descriptions). Some of them even contain quotes from various characters from Elona's story! For instance, the translation of the Diablo 's descr…

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  • SiamJai

    As I keep poring over the Elona+ source, I keep finding stuff that looks fascinating, but figuring out the exact details is beyond my causal knowledge. Maybe a group discussion could shed light on details that I alone could not uncover.

    Remember the "Reunite with your pet" scene, at the very first time you enter Vernis? Your regular choices are a little girl, dog, cat or bear. Now it turns out that there is an alternative scene where the choices are the four secret characters (H sister, White young lady, Lazy older sister, M girl) that can normally be unlocked by reading the Insane book/wishing in the Japanese version only!

    As you can see, there is a complete English translation for the scene, including new character names in the dialog. See…

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  • Chicunsu

    Touhou Sprites

    June 7, 2014 by Chicunsu

    Because of way too much trouble, and me just feeling like a punching bag when trying to help, i've decided to remove the post, please just delete this.

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  • SiamJai
    The other day I found myself wasting minutes poring over item.bmp for a single sprite, which made me realize that finding the actual sprite tends to the most challenging part of sprite extraction. Although we have a already, it's not the most versatile one, especially ever since I lost the source file.

    Here you can see how to create labels for Elona spritesheets easily, using only Excel and a graphic editor. The label set comes with its own grid, and pretty much everything on it is changeable, including font style, size, position, number of rows, columns etc.

    Populate 31 rows and 33 columns with numbers, starting from 0 in A1, to 1022 in AG31. Start with 0, 1, 2 in the first row; 33, 34, 35 in the second row, and 66, 67, 68 in the third ro…

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  • SiamJai

    Elona music on piano

    January 24, 2014 by SiamJai

    Recently we got a new piano, and one of the first songs I played on it was Elona's menu music (mcOpening). Here is how it sounds like. As a long-time keyboard player, it was strange to get used to the weighted piano keys again, but the extended range and sound dynamics are worth it.

    In other news, last year my laptop got broken beyond repair, taking all of my Elona files (spreadheets, pics, cheat tables) with it - no replacement. Decided to take a break until I could see the fun of having to start from scratch, and that time is now. Glad to see familiar users being active, and the wiki going strong. :)

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  • Shad3Light

    Wolf NPC?

    January 23, 2014 by Shad3Light

    I looked at the Category:NPCs by race page, and I found that the Wolf NPCs contains nothing. Where are those NPCs? Are they never used in-game? What a mystery.

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  • Gremlion


    December 16, 2013 by Gremlion

    It seems that I wouldn't get next badge (200 days) due to holydays. Yay.

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  • Gremlion


    November 3, 2013 by Gremlion

    Finished preparations for "Caffeinated" badge. Would get along nicely with Dedicated badge...

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  • Gremlion


    October 13, 2013 by Gremlion

    Happy birthday to me. 

    That's all, folks. See you in death logs.

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  • SiamJai

    Palmia Palantir

    October 13, 2013 by SiamJai

    A series of grisly murders keeps Palmians puzzled and nervous. Although these folks are no strangers to death, this new kind of murder frightens them. The corpses left behind don't bear the hallmark strike of the silent assassins, nor the dreaded wounds of alien birth, or that of any kind of known monster.

    The guard who found the mangled body of the two townchildren in the park at dawn today still talks about how there was no fear in their eyes - as if they knew their attacker. He wonders: "if they could still speak, what'd they say?"

    Perhaps they could talk about the man standing in the bar, chatting with the barkeeper about the price of crim ale. How he, despite his ordinary appearance and speech during daytime, turns into a monster and k…

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  • SiamJai

    On your moongate adventures, you come across a neat unwishable item, say, a stack of god hearts, or a lv.20 living weapon with awesome stats. You instinctively try to get it, but the game stops you, saying "You cannot just grab it" or "It's not yours". Wouldn't it be nice to be able to override this, so that YOU decide whether something will be yours or not?

    Enter Elovac, a Cheat Engine table that makes every item available for picking up. If you play Elona+, Elovac is really simple to use:

    1. hook Cheat Engine (CE) to Elona+ (ver. 1.52fix or later)
    2. in CE, open Elovac+.CT
    3. set every value to 0 (select all >> >> >> )
    4. pick up anything you fancy.

    Download Elovac+.CT from Dropbox! (Works for Elona+ 1.52fix and later.)

    0 = yours
    1 = not yours (towns)
    2 = not…

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  • Generalmeldor

    For about 10 years, I have been working on a custom role-playing game.  It orginally started as a table-top roleplaying conversion for the Final Fantasy series, specifically the Tactics series, which I got most of my classes from.  I was feeling a bit daring and decided to convert a few of the classes as if they were advanced classes for Elona.

    • Secret Treasure of the Wicked
    • Feat: Conquer Deep Darkness
    • Feat: More Poison Tolerance
    • Feat: Awfully Tough

    • Gains Insult Special Action
    • Gains Death Word Special Action
    • Gains Curse Special action

    • Skill: Polearm- Level 50
    • Skill: Riding- Level 50
    • Must have a Dragon Mount

    • Gains Breath Special Action- Element is the same as the dragon mount
    • Gains Shadow Step Special Action- "Leaps" towards the target
    • Gains Distant Atta…

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  • Generalmeldor


    August 1, 2013 by Generalmeldor

    I have finished recording all of the bestiary entries for the vanilla Elona NPC's.  I am adding only one per day because of the Devoted Badge, which I can get in 9 days.  I will post the rest in 9 days if there is not another contributions per day badge.

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  • Chicunsu

    Personal Wikia Update

    June 28, 2013 by Chicunsu

    This is where i'll post my daily update of what i've done, What i'm planning to do, What i might do and things like that.

    • I've Changed Guild And added a seperate Page for Each of the guilds Thieves' Guild, Fighters' Guild & Mages' Guild. Which combines The Information from Guild With the guild quest page Thieves' Guild Quests, Fighters' Guild Quests and Mages' Guild Quests to make it easier to find and more clean.
    • I've added the information from Class feats (Elona+) Into each of the classes, as there was no links on the class pages leading to the page, and i didn't find it necesarry for a page of it.
    • I've added everything from the Food (Elona+) To the standard Food Page, as i didn't find it necesarry to have a new page for that info only.
    • I've…

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  • Chicunsu

    Something to say

    June 28, 2013 by Chicunsu

    Someone tell me something to say on blog please =3

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  • SiamJai

    Pet evolution is an important aspect of Elona+, yet our knowledge about it is still incomplete. It's a a difficult thing to test, mainly because heart items are tough to get. Known sources are few, and the hearts cannot be wished for, not even in wizard mode.

    One solution could be to hunt down one heart of each type and then hack its quantity into near-infinity. But hacking offers a more effective solution: just make hearts when you need them. Any random item can be turned into any specific heart type with little effort.

    To make a basic, functioning heart object, at least two item attributes need to be changed: usage modifier and heart type. How it works is shown in the following example, where we turn a Dead fish from a random field, into a…

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  • SiamJai

    Throwing fits!

    March 11, 2013 by SiamJai

    A little goofiness is a welcomed relief from all that number-crunching, and I've been having fun throwing various items at NPCs in Elona+ 1.16.

    Some of the things I threw:

    • a Stradivarius, after performance to an ungrateful shopkeeper. She croaked, but the stradi was still fine.
    • dead fishes at low- to mid-level random encounters. Fatal fishslapping for the insolent little critters disturbing my travels!
    • a moongate at a harmless refugee in Ruoza. :( It was an accident, I swear!

    (Also: yay for 777 edits - I should get lucky.)

    Any fun stuff you have been doing in Elona recently?

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