I486-begger's pendant
The <Begger's Pendant>[sic] (dirty pendant when unidentified) is an amulet rarely dropped by beggars (a 1/120 chance).

A quicker way to obtain it is to use the Secret experience of Lomias and then make a gene. When a character is incarnated from that file, the intro cutscene will play differently and after speaking with Lomias and Larnneire, there will be a Begger's Pendant waiting for the player in the upper-right of the cave.


It weighs 0.2s
Item-basicIt is made of metal.
Item-basicIt is fireproof.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-armorIt modifies DV by 8 and PV by 0.
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to fire. [#] (+12)
Item-statIt increases your Charisma by 10.
Item-specialIt prevents aliens from entering your body.
Item-specialIt protects you from thieves.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


  • egga creates the <Begger's Pendant>; this will only work in wizard mode.


The <Begger's Pendant> is located at item number 486.

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