Before it's too late
Terrible thing happened! My dad is affected by a deadly poison. Hurry! Please take him to his doctor in [location]. I'll let you have [###] gold pieces and ores if you succeed!


Basically just an Escort, except instead of giving you an inept person who is more likely to be killed than delivered, they (usually) give you a battle-hardened companion to take to the town. At lower levels, these are much easier to do as there are no battles with assassins, unlike Beauty and the Beast. You will, however, still face the random enemy encounter. They also give the highest payout of any of the quests available and viable from the beginning.

The only drawback from these missions is the short time limit; sometimes it will be nearly impossible to travel to the destination in time. It might be best to avoid this quest if it gives a distant destination with a very strict (2-3 day) time limit.

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