Beds are furniture items.

The better quality of your bed, the more potential you'll gain after sleeping. Every town has an inn with beds (of subpar quality). Eastern beds are a great choice for early game, since they're lightweight and are fairly common to find, even at general goods store. Happy beds are a rare drop from cupids and fairies and seem to give the best stat potential when slept upon, and you can also get one from wishing. Alternatively, king's bed can be pickpocketed in Palmia.

It is advised to change the material type of any bed to a lighter material for easier carrying or more expensive material (e.g. diamondwork) for higher furniture and heirloom value to improve the home rank. Note that eastern beds don't seem to count as furniture, but are far better for portable sleeping arrangements than a sleeping bag. Also note that pets won't carry any beds save for eastern beds, sleeping bags and sleep sheep, since they won't carry any items which can increase the rank of your home.

Here's the complete list of beds. The gold value listed is how much it would cost if you had no negotiation skills.

Sprite Name Weight Value Quality
happy bed 31.0 25,000 200
King bed
king's bed 24.0 30,000 180
double bed 16.0 7,500 160
luxury bed 17.5 4,500 150
Clean bed
clean bed 9.5 1,500 130
Sleep sheep
sleep sheep (E+) 1.3 2,100 140
coffin 8.9 2,400 130
Comfortable bed
comfortable bed 10.0 2,800 130
Eastern bed
eastern bed 2.0 2,500 130
I307-Soft bed
soft bed 12.0 2,200 130
I303-Giant bed
giant bed 15.0 3,800 120
I174-Bunk bed
bunk bed 12.4 2,200 110
I80-Boring bed
boring bed 15.0 1,400 100
I304-Plain bed
plain bed 13.0 1,200 100
Jure s body pillow
Jure's body pillow 0.8 250 0
I283-Cheap bed
cheap bed 2.8 880 0
I428-Sleeping bag
sleeping bag 2.4 800 0

The happy bed and double bed share the same sprite (#650 of item.bmp spritesheet) while the luxury bed uses a different located sprite (#262) with the same graphic.

The sleep sheep is exclusive in Elona+.

Also in Elona+, Jure's body pillow greatly increases the chances of Regeneration, Gaining Faith, Potential, and Development dreams at the cost of fewer bad dreams. It does NOT increase spell potentials.

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