Artifact names play a significant role in Elona and Elona+. The activity log mentions your currently used weapon by name; the event log tracks found items by their names, and in some versions, living weapon upgrade choices are influenced by the weapon's name. Owing perhaps to their ubiquitous nature, artifact names can be customized in multiple ways.

In-game systemEdit

  • Advantage: easy to use, no external program needed.
  • Disadvantage: random, time-consuming, needs item.

Non-static, random artifacts are named in-game by a randomized matchmaking system that pairs preset words and phrases, sometimes with hilarious results. To change the name of these artifacts through the same system, use a scroll of name and choose from the shortlisted set of randomized new names.

Memory/Savegame editingEdit

  • Advantage: less random, quicker, no item needed,
  • Disadvantage: some expertise and an external program needed.

Item names can be accessed and edited directly in savegame files (with EloSnack) and during game runtime (with Cheat Engine or another memory editor). Methods and known ID+name pairs are listed below.


Cheat EngineEdit



Name ID Effects
Assassin God 50697
Champion Hammer 53935
Champion of Blood 50671
Chaotic Brawler 41509
Cheating Pain 46184
Chosen one Gun 53834
Defeated Tactician 52759
Fake Sacrifice 64166
Ill-gotten Bravery 62730
Legend Arrow 51597
Legendary Fairy 41806
One Justice 59342
Scorpion Resistance 49103
Smiling Gladiator 54181
The Angel 55211
The crusader 40893
The Danger 45358
The destruction 50656
The ghost 50845
The master 41947
The monk 50529
The ninja 50582
The One 63915
The Origin 69445
The Pain 50601
The Queen 61246
The Sadness 54758
The Seeker 58933
The talent 57091
Vanity Bullet 45466
Wizard Pride 45282


Name ID Effects
Cat Prince 69530
Cute Hedonist 59389
Dominated Idiot 62114
Dreamy Ninja 42325
Drug Giant 54629
Hella Dead 51224
Miserable Wife 57209
Monster Princess 50617
Noble Pope 66736
Sacred Body 67695
The Drunkard 63151


Name ID Effects
Diabolic Groan 50726
Golden Fist 50683
Love of Boy 43885
Magic Finger 50753
Moaning Sin 51064
Oral Arrow 56252
Oral Bleed 50760
Pimp Afterlife 62129
Priest Opening 50612
The sex 50664


ID Name Effects
41833 The punishment
41843 Holy Magic
42075 Falling Necklace
42564 Archangel Sorrow
41610 Loved Losser
42565 Tenderly Night
42631 Black Knight
42896 Blue Exorcist
45282 Wizard Pride
45441 Chaos Sister
47217 The Sniper
47471 Assassin Storm
48139 Wonder White
48464 Fusion Light
50529 The monk
50697 Assassin God
50572 Evil limit
50582 The ninja
50601 The Pain
50656 The destruction
50799 Evil Thunder
50852 Healer of immortally
50870 Thunder Body
50875 Chaos of Steel
51103 Divine Protection
51494 The Angel
51277 The Rainbow
51967 Unsafe Chaos
52488 Void Protection
52646 the Diablo
52890 Dragon Star
54559 Dark Curse
59438 Fire System
61642 the fool
62799 The hades
63228 Guilt Judgment
63626 Glacial Dawn
63915 The One
64896 Black Incarnation
66565 Diablo Moon
66582 the Storm
66689 the diamond
69475 The Knight
69476 Dawn Eye

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