Originally, Elona was intended to include an artifact fusion system that was never fully implemented. Inheritable effects were marked by a special symbol next to the effects.

Elona+ adds a different form of artifact fusion, which will take a piece of equipment and add attributes to it based on the item chart below. To be able to fuse artifacts, you first need to complete the quest offered by Thalia the star viewer, which is detailed here. Once it is completed, you can talk to Irma the indomitable smith in the map that appears at the end of the quest, and have her use her item fusion abilities for you. She can upgrade equipment if she is presented with a piece of equipment that is either an artifact or unique, a scroll of gain attribute, plus one of the fusion component items listed below. (In version 1.39 and higher, the scroll of gain attribute is not required when Jewel of core of nefia is used - but every other fusion component still needs it).

Each piece of equipment has a limit to the amount that can be added to it. The following "borrowed" chart from the Japanese wiki includes a "power increment" column which indicates how much each item adds to the artifact's total power. As of Elona+ 1.40, the initial power limits are as follows: 1500 for static artifacts, 2000 for miracle artifacts, and 2500 for godly artifacts. The maximum enchantment value will increase by 50 in each category every time you have Irma add an enchantment to an item, up to an additional 500 power for each category (for totals of 2000, 2500, and 3000). The current power of an artifact can be determined by having Thalia examine it, but due to the dialogue being untranslated, will not display with the English language setting. You'll have to temporarily swap to Japanese to be able to find out an artifact's enchantment value.

Several unique items start out over the maximum power limit for static artifacts, and cannot be enhanced. Additionally, living weapons tend to be over the limit when enhanced enough.

Fusion component listEdit

Name Enchantment Power increment Remarks How to get
Glia crystalEdit
Adds fire resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Alchemy
Adds cold resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Carpentry
Adds lightning resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Alchemy
Lamp plantEdit
Adds darkness resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Carpentry
Mind discEdit
Adds mind resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Carpentry
Black dripEdit
Adds poison resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Alchemy
Troll cellEdit
Adds nether resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Alchemy
Murder CDEdit
Adds sound resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Carpentry
Magic iceEdit
Adds nerve resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Alchemy
Chaos jewelEdit
Adds chaos resistance. [###] 210 +105 Resistance Jeweler
Ether mirrorEdit
Adds magic resistance. [##] 160 +80 Resistance Jeweler
Ikaros featherEdit
Floating 100 Tailoring
Jewel of tear of god Edit
It invokes Gravity Sphere. [####] 150 0:00 - 5:59 Mission from knight reward.(repeatable)

Tear type given depends on the hour of quest completion.

It deals magic damage. [####] 300 6:00 - 11:59
It gives you a chance to throw an absolute piercing attak. [#####] (+4) 200 12:00 - 17:59
It make possible to remote blow. 250 18:00 - 23:59
It invokes darkness bolt. [#####] 200 14:30 - 14:39 Mission from Sophia reward.(repeatable)

Tear type given depends on the minute of quest completion.

It invokes elemental scar. [#####] 200 14:40 - 14:49
It enhances your spells. [#####](+0.13x) 200 14:50 - 14:59
Jewel of core of nefiaEdit
Skill increase. [###] 250 Each skill +10 (Does not include weapon specific skills like long sword) Randomly rewarded for completing a dungeon enhanced with the Black gemstone of Wake up of nefia. Higher level dungeons give a better chance that one will be generated.
Statistics increase. 200 Normal statistic +10 (Does not include life, mana, speed, or luck)
Luck or speed increase. 160 Statistic +8
Status ailment resistance. 100 Examples: poison, confusion, etc.
See invisible creatures. 150 -

Dialogue Edit

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