I878-Argent Snow The <Argent Snow> (an armor of Mayroon unidentified) is an armor piece exclusive to Elona+. It is obtained as a reward from <Marka> the silver bear after completing the Castle of Ice quest as part of Erystia's quests.


It weighs 25.0s
Item-basicIt is made of adamantium.
Item-basicIt is acidproof.
Item-basicIt is fireproof.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-armorIt modifies DV by 4 and PV by 130.
Item-skillIt makes you a better tactician [##] (+5)
Item-resistIt increases your resistance to cold. [#####+] (+425)
Item-statIt increases your Constitution by 12.
Item-specialIt speeds up your travel progress [#] (+2).
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The item number for the <Argent Snow> is 878.