Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: Normal 3-6 Icon-constitutionCon: Little 2-4 Icon-dexterityDex: Not Bad 4-8
Icon-perceptionPer: Little 3-5 Icon-learningLea: Slight 1-2 Icon-willWil: None 0
Icon-magicMag: None 0 Icon-charismaCha: None 0
Starting Skills

Short Sword, Bow, Axe, and Crossbow
Medium Armor
Magic Device

The Archer. Skilled in the ways of the forest and hunting, they are master marksmen, and don't see why one should hunt monster any different than a deer. Skilled with the Short Sword, the Axe, and of course all types of bows, plus a few skills they picked up on their long trips in the woods. Firm believers that "Anything dead over THERE will not be bothering me HERE".

The Archer is probably the most balanced character throughout the entirely of the game; while they aren't quite as tough as a Warrior, they can keep their neck out of a monster's attack range, and they do not have to comb dungeons for spell books like a Wizard does in the beginning. Expect to hold down the fire button a lot, maybe occasionally stepping away from the gold golem crashing towards you.

Archers, unfortunately, have the least choice of special artifact weapons to select from (just three for firearm users: the Rail Gun, which is always made of ether and is dropped by one of the lvl 666 castle bosses, the Winchester Premium, the third gift from Mani of Machine, and the Mauser C96 Custom) However, the fact that they get to change their ammunition from 'lead' to 'time-stopping lead' is pretty awesome on its own.

Recommended gods are Mani of Machine or Lulwy of Wind (archers treasure speed since they can always hop back if the monsters close in).

Starting Equipment Edit

  • a bronze weapon
    • long sword (2d4), (2d5)
    • katana (4d2+1)
  • a bronze breastplate [0,3]
  • a pair of bronze heavy boots [0,1]
  • a cloth light cloak [1,0]
  • a pair of bronze thick gauntlets [0,1]
  • a bronze ranged weapon
    • long bow (2d4+1)
    • short bow (3d2), (3d3)
  • a bronze arrow (1d4), (1d5)
  • 2 bottles of crim ale
  • 3 potions of cure minor wound
  • 4 rations
  • 8 cargos of traveler's food

Notes Edit

  • Yerles and Eulderna do not start with the 3 potions of cure minor wound
  • The bronze armor may be cloth or raw and the cloth light cloak may be raw.
  • Equipment stats will vary

Class FeatEdit

In Elona+ There was added Class Feats, in which each class got a special bonus, the Archer got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Eye of a hawk] Increase Hit Rate for all Physical Attack

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