<Alice> the big ant
Level 92 Female Wasp Warmage
Str: 142(Hopeless) Con: 130(Hopeless) Dex: 216(Hopeless)
Per: 169(Hopeless) Lea: 77(Hopeless) Wil: 112(Hopeless)
Mag: 117(Hopeless) Cha: 65(Hopeless)
Life: 50 Mana: 80 Speed: 284
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 60 (1%)
Healing: 63 (1%)
Shield: 60 (1%)
Heavy Armor: 107 (2%)
Medium Armor: 107 (2%)
Light Armor: 63 (1%)
Evasion: 104 (2%)
Stealth: 63 (1%)
Greater Evasion: 56 (1%)
Literacy: 63 (1%)
Magic Capacity: 60 (1%)
Faith: 63 (1%)
Meditation: 63 (1%)
Casting: 63 (1%)
Magic Device: 66 (1%)

Long Sword: 107 (2%)
Axe: 63 (1%)
Martial Arts: 100 (2%)
Scythe: 63 (1%)
Blunt: 63 (1%)
Polearm: 63 (1%)
Stave: 63 (1%)
Short Sword: 104 (2%)
Bow: 63 (1%)
Crossbow: 63 (1%)
Throwing: 63 (1%)
Firearm: 63 (1%)


Fire: No Resist
Cold: No Resist
Lightning: No Resist
Darkness: No Resist
Mind: No Resist
Poison: No Resist

Nether: No Resist
Sound: No Resist
Nerve: No Resist
Chaos: No Resist
Magic: No Resist

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Friendly
Preferred Distance: 1
Movement Chance: 90%
When Below 25% HP: No Action
Basic Secondary (5%)
Standard Attack none

<Alice> the big ant is the only named NPC of the Elona+ exclusive ant-like creatures. She can be found in the Sacred Library of Irva, and has the same appearance as the Queen gi-ant, only with an untinted sprite. Her level - and thus her stats - are a bit lower than the Queen's, and she has no particular attack abilities.

Alice plays an important role in the quest Insect curse level 40. Her trained heavy- and medium armor skills could make her a valuable pet, although gene engineering would be necessary to make use of her trained long- and shortsword skills (unused by default, since she cannot wield any swords).




  • cardlice creates a card of <Alice> the big ant.
  • figurelice creates a figurine of <Alice> the big ant.


The sprite number for <Alice> the big ant is 641.

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