Alchemy is a Learning-based skill that allows the player to create potions, using the alchemy kit crafting tool.

Crafted itemsEdit

Product Skill Materials
Beer 1 Waterdrop x 4
Cure Minor Wound 1 Waterdrop x 3, Red Weed x 1
Cure Major Wound 5 Waterdrop x 3, Blue Weed x 2
Restore Body 8 Hot Water x 4, Blue Weed x 4
Restore Spirit 8 Hot Water x 4, Red Weed x 4
Cure Critical Wound 10 Hot Water x 3, Red Weed x 1, Blue Weed x 1
Whisky 14 Hot Water x 4, Snow x 3, Medicinal Weed x 1
Healing 15 Hot Water x 3, Medicinal Weed x 2
Healer 20 Angel's Tear x 1, Waterdrop x 4, Medicinal Weed x 2
Healer <Odina> 25 Blue Weed x 3, Hot Water x 4, Medicinal Weed x 3
Healer <Eris> 30 Sap of Yaggdrasil x 1, Hot Water x 4, Red Weed x 5
Healer <Jure> 40 Sap of Yaggdrasil x 2, Waterdrop x 5, Medicinal Weed x 4
Potential 45 Sap of Yaggdrasil x 2, Angel's Tear x 5, Hot Water x 4


Elona+ adds a lot to standard alchemy. It now has some influence on potions and is trained by quaffing, or throwing them. You cannot train Alchemy through easily obtainable items like snow or dyes.

It also influences somewhat the damage done by throwing a high potion of Aqua Sanctio.

On top of many other uses, it also has a bunch of new recipes. Note that the "adds _____ resistance" items are for the artifact fusion system.

In addition to the items listed below, alchemy is used in some recipes for items that can by made by using the Pot for fusion.

Product Skill Materials Effects
Cure Mutation 15 Seawater x1, Troll gene x2, Human gene x2

Creates a cure mutation potion

Salt Solution

Glia crystal



Seawater x100, Fire stone x2

Pebble x100, Fine stone x2

Can be used to make potions of water with a Pot for fusion

Artifact fusion item (Adds fire resistance)

Accumulator 10 Electricity x100, Seawater x2 Artifact fusion item (Adds lightning resistance.)
Troll cell 10 Troll gene x100, Angel's tear x1 Artifact fusion item (Adds nether resistance.)
Black drip 10 Black mist x100, Rabbit's tail x1 Artifact fusion item (Adds poison resistance.)
Magic ice 10 Witch's tear x100, Ice stone x2 Artifact fusion item (Adds nerve resistance.)
Shaved ice 10 Snow x1, Ice stone x2, Generator x 1 Food that doesn't develop any stats, but is rather filling and near-weightless.

Trained skillEdit

You may learn Alchemy from the trainers in Vernis and Palmia. You may also learn Alchemy from the mages guild trainer in Lumiest.




  • #alch will increase Alchemy by 1 level and train its potential.

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