Adventurer Rank is a measure of how powerful your character is. You start at Adventurer Rank 100. Moving upward (or rather, "downward", as lower numerical ranks are better) in rank means a higher salary every fifteen days, and a new title. It should be noted that Adventurer Rank is the best way to increase your monthly salary, because it pays more than any other rank. (60 gp per rank per pay period.)  However, you also get fame at the same time as Adventurer Rank, which significantly increases taxes in standard Elona. (This does not apply in Elona+, where you are taxed solely upon current gp.) Keep in mind that your adventure rank will, in fact, decay over time, if you stop clearing dungeons.  

You have 60 days to clear another dungeon before losing rank.  How quickly you advance or regress in rank depends on how many ranks you already have.  Better-ranked adventurers regress in ranks faster and advance in ranks slower.

  • 100-90 Rank: Tourist
  • 89-80 Rank: Crawler
  • 79-70 Rank: Tomb Robber
  • 69-50 Rank: Notorious Tomb Robber
  • 59-40 Rank: Guide of Nefia
  • 39-20 Rank: Children' Star
  • 19-10 Rank: Famous Adventurer
  • 9-5 Rank: Dungeon Master
  • 5-4 Rank: Champion of Labyrinth
  • 1st Rank: King of Nefia

Obtaining Adventurer Rank Edit

Adventurer Rank is obtained by killing the random bosses on the deepest floor of all the non-guaranteed dungeons. If you see a dungeon like "Beginner's Forest" or "Adventurer's Fort", those will have a boss. Each boss killed will give rank depending on what level it is. You will know when you are on a floor with a boss because the game will announce that "You have entered the lair of <Monster Name> Lvl??". Boss floors are notoriously difficult, with many monsters well above the dungeon's danger rating. Leaving the boss floor after entering it without killing the boss causes the boss to despawn. If the boss is killed by an NPC, you will get kill credit. Several items are guaranteed to drop at your feet when the boss dies:

  • A scroll of return
  • A random spellbook
  • A bejeweled chest, which is never locked
  • An amount of gold pieces based on dungeon level
  • Platinum coins

Bosses also have an increased chance to drop a figure or corpse of themselves, and more of their equipment, where they die.

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