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Version 0.25 (09/10/2011)

AA is an Elona variant based off Elona 1.22. It adds the Eulderna continent to the game (referred to in-game as South Asseria) and also features some other minor changes. Save files are compatible with vanilla Elona.

Features Edit

  • Fixes some bugs.
  • Ability to save and load the game whenever and wherever you want. The game auto-saves less.
  • Shortened the shop refresh period. Increased the sale price of trade goods - both of these are Elona 1.16 features that were disabled in 1.22.
  • Buffed Slow effect. It can now decrease Speed below 50.
  • Increased the bonuses from eating. Increased max satiation.
  • Pet potential now decreases more slowly.
  • Drastically decreased the reduction in town board quest rewards when the player is at high level.
  • Many new monsters. They only spawn naturally on the new continent? Summon Monster can cause them to spawn elsewhere.
  • The South Asseria continent is now accessible. It's located around Eulderna on the official Elona world map.
    • Speak to the captain at Port Kapul to get transported there.
  • South Asseria is a huge continent, so it's split into North, South, East, and West sectors.
    • There's nothing in the East and West maps for now. And venture into the desert at your own risk...
  • The port town of Kikkas in the north and the capital city of Eulderna in the south have been implemented.
  • There is a shop that specializes in magic tools and another that sells spellbooks in Eulderna .
  • Sub quests available in Eulderna includes the skirmishes with the Yerles army. (The 3 battles are Lv60-Lv120.)
    • Contains exciting features such as laser bombardment that will blow targets back into the stone age.
  • New town board quests will be available after clearing these sub quests. These are one step up in difficulty compared to the sub quests.
    • They are several times more difficult than other town board quests with the same number of starts, but the reward is also several times higher.
  • Gods can be summoned by wishing for them. Each of them are equipped with strong artifacts.
  • Added 2 special kinds of maps. Adventurers will get lured by rumours if you have them in your inventory and they will attack you.
    • The first is a treasure map that will yield better rewards than a regular treasure map.
    • The second is a map to an ancient ruins that is guarded by a strong monster. The risk is higher, but so is the reward.
      • Try digging the walls surrounding the area to get around the clueless dragon.
  • No longer being updated?

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